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Monthly Archives: September

Clicking Jaw and TMD

A clicking jaw – also known as jaw popping – is a condition affecting at least 10 million people worldwide. If you suffer from this condition, you will feel clicking or popping when you close or open your mouth. In addition, you may experience some painful sensations in your jaw. For some cases, jaw popping

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dental implants candidate

Who Is Best Qualified to Do Dental Implants

Have you been looking for a West Hollywood dentist to help with your smile? Sometimes, teeth get lost. Whether it’s from old age or an accident, dental implants could be a great option. Dental implants help fill in those gaps. Plus, they do more than just look good. They’ll also protect your mouth. That way,

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braces cost with insurance

How Much Are Braces With Insurance?

When we talk about orthodontic visits for children and adults, the first thing that comes to mind is braces. This is because orthodontic treatment almost always involves using braces. Braces help straighten crooked, crowded, and protruding teeth. They also help when closing gaps between teeth and improving your bite. The fundamental purpose of braces is

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Dental Implants

Are Dental Implants Safe? A New Look

Though incredible advancements are taking place regularly in the dentistry field, thousands and thousands of people in West Hollywood still suffer from various dental problems. Tooth, injury, decay, and periodontal disease are major concerns in our communities since they can cause tooth loss and other teeth and gum problems. For many years now, the dental

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