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Monthly Archives: December

Options for tooth Cavity that is too Large

A cavity is a type of tooth decay that forms a hole in your tooth and is usually painless in the beginning. However, if left untreated, it gradually develops into a big cavity that causes tooth pain, sensitivity, staining, and visible holes in your teeth.   What causes tooth cavities   One of the major

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What Is A Gingival Pocket?

The gingival Pocket is the gum tissue that starts at the tooth and stops by the cheek. The gums are a part of your mouth that surrounds your teeth. A “pocket” in your gums is deep enough to cover the tooth but insufficient to cover any part of the root surface. The gingival Pocket refers

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Periodontal Disease

Is Cancer Treatment Worsen Periodontal Disease and Dental Caries?

People undergoing cancer treatment are especially vulnerable to oral health problems because of the drugs used in the treatments. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause significant dental changes, including inflammation in the gums, loosening teeth, infection, and salivary gland damage. Effects of Cancer Treatment to Oral Cavity Oral Mucositis The first line of defense for most

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