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What is Anti-Aging Dentistry and How can it Help Me?

What is Anti-Aging Dentistry and How can it Help Me?

What is anti-aging dentistry? Or better yet, what can anti-aging dentistry do for you or to improve your life. Well, it’s like the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Of course, we are not speaking of a literal photograph here. But rather the visual image or mental impression stored automatically in the mind from the faces of people we see every day in the West Hollywood area.

Studies have proven that simply seeing someone’s face for only a moment often leaves a lasting impression on most individuals. Whether we try to retain the memory or not, there is nearly always a mental image other people’s faces stored in our memory. Add to that the fact of seeing the same person more than once re-enforces that stored image. It has been proven decades ago that even young babies are more responsive and react more positively to a beautiful, or handsome, well-groomed face than to those who lack beauty or with more of an unattractive appearance.

Our Smile Says a Lot

One of the largest attractions within the architecture of the human body is the smile. A beautiful smile resulting from cosmetic dentistry can do a lot to open doors. A smile sends an unspoken signal of warmth and friendliness to others. Often a beautiful smile is all that is needed for everything from launching a lifelong romance to putting an end to anger and resentment between individuals. And the more attractive that smile, the more impact and effect it will have on others everywhere including the West Hollywood area.

Cruelties of Time

A beautiful smile consists of several components. One of the most important being the teeth. A sparkling white, straight set of upper and lower rows of teeth can make or break an otherwise beautiful smile. Many famous actors and actresses pay the best dental professionals available so they can keep their smile attractive and youthful in appearance. Unfortunately, as we age our teeth often pay the price and virtually no one is exempt. With age comes problems like crooked, decayed, broken, missing and discolored or stained teeth. Having these problems corrected by a professional will often cause the individual to have a much younger appearance and a more attractive one too. After all, a beautiful smile is nearly always seen as an extension of warmth and kindness.

Technological Advances

Like many other industries, Dentistry has had its share of technological advances in recent years. This includes the area of cosmetic dentistry where the demand has increased significantly in recent years, especially in the West Hollywood area.

Digital Smile Design

Today, in cosmetic dentistry, we have available to us what is known as the Digital Smile Design. This is basically the use of high-tech computer software that analyzes and interprets the entire shape and contour of the face, jaw and teeth to design a plan for providing the most strategic and beneficial procedures for obtaining an outstandingly beautiful smile.

Laser Dentistry

Today many dental professionals have what is also known as No-Drill Dentistry. That’s right, it’s a laser instead which helps the dentist chisel away those bad portions of a tooth that must then be filled. Laser dentistry uses a powerful yet precise laser but does cost more and has several distinct advantages. One major advantage is that there is much less pain than drilling and therefore not as much anesthesia is necessary. Also because of less need for anesthesia and faster results can be obtained, many times multiple procedures can now be done in one visit.

No More Needles

When asked, many average citizens admitted to putting off a needed appointment with the dentist due to their fear of that painful needle injection given before procedures. The good news is that soon that may be considered old technology. Today more and more dentists are adopting the No-Needle Anesthesia method for many procedures. It basically uses a numbing gel is first applied inside the mouth followed by treatment with a device that delivers a small, painless electric current to the area allowing the skin to entirely absorb the numbing gel.

Digital X-Ray Machines

Digital X-ray machines are quickly replacing traditional X-ray machines everywhere including the West Hollywood area. Digital X-rays show details more clearly and are much easier to upload the results to a computer for comparisons and similar tasks. Another great advantage is that digital X-rays deliver a much lower dose of radiation which makes them safer for procedures that require periodic images to be taken.

New Gum Technology

Another area of anti-aging dentistry that is important is where the teeth rest in the gums. Gums play an important part in anyone’s overall appearance including a beautiful smile. In the past there was little could be done to reverse gum problems in most patients suffering from gum disease. Today there are many new procedures for restoring a beautiful set of gums including bone and tissue grafts, installing membranes and even the application of special proteins that stimulate new growth of gum and tissue inside the tooth.

Whether you find yourself needing a single issue fixed or you have years of advanced oral problems needing special attention, you can be sure that we are in the era of anti-aging dentistry with more effective solutions and remedies including cosmetic dentistry available than ever before in the West Hollywood area.