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Average Cost of Dental Bonding in West Hollywood

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Average Cost of Dental Bonding in West Hollywood

Cost of dental bonding in Los Angeles really  depends on where you go. The average cost of tooth bonding is around $250 in Los Angeles county. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, dental bonding could be the answer to your prayers. This is especially true if any of your teeth are cracked, chipped or discolored. Dental bonding can restore your smile at a fraction of the cost of other dental procedures.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a relatively new dental procedure that can be used to bond an attractive, durable material to the surface of your teeth. The material covers cracks, chips and discoloration and makes your teeth look new. You should know the net result of dental bonding is much the same as what can be achieved with crowns. However, crowns are much more expensive because of the labor required and the cost of the materials used.

Who is a candidate for dental bonding?

Anyone with a tooth that has minor defects is a good candidate for dental bonding. The procedure can be used to cover stains, change the shape of a tooth and fill in unnecessary gaps. In some cases, it can be used to replace decay. However, dental bonding is not appropriate for teeth that have extensive deterioration or for teeth that are associated with a medical condition, such as an inflammation or an abscess.

What does dental bonding cost?

Dental bonding prices vary from place to place and from tooth to tooth depending on the exact procedure to be performed. Some of the variables that affect the price include the following:

  1. Number of teeth to be treated
  2. The size of the surface area to be treated
  3. Lastly the experience of the dentist or dental technician

However, just to put a number on the table, the average cost of dental bonding in West Hollywood will likely run in the neighborhood of $250 per tooth.

How to safeguard your dental bonding investment

Dental bonding is an investment that should be protected. Although the materials that are used are quite durable, it pays to take precautions, such as the following:

  • Avoid tobacco and dark foods or drinks that might stain your teeth
  • Do not bite down on hard candy, ice or your nails
  • Brush often to keep your teeth clean
  • Do not use your teeth for pulling things apart or opening packages

How to avoid the need for dental bonding

You may be able to avoid the need for dental bonding if you practice good dental hygiene. This includes regular brushing and flossing in addition to periodic checkups and routine cleanings. It also helps if you avoid smoking and limit your intake of high-sugar foods and drinks.


If you have teeth that are unsightly because they are cracked, chipped or discolored, you may be a good candidate for dental bonding in Los Angeles. You can have your smile restored at a fraction of the cost of traditional dental techniques, such as crowns. Therefore, if you would like to know more about  Cost of Dental Bonding in Los Angeles, CA, call us today for a dental consultation and cost evaluation.