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How to Fix All My Teeth with Veneers and Dental Implants

Fix teeth with veneers and implants

How to Fix All My Teeth with Veneers and Dental Implants

A great smile is something most people desire. It’s a good way to showcase your personality and it can make personal and professional relationships easier. Your smile can show confidence and a great smile can actually make you feel more confident. If your smile is not what you’d like it to be – if you have missing teeth, stained teeth, oddly-shaped teeth, or bite alignment issues – why not choose a total dental makeover? With an experienced West Hollywood cosmetic dentist you can trust, it’s possible to fix all of your teeth at once with veneers, dental implants, and other procedures.

Dental Problems and How to Fix Them

Dental hygiene is important and regular brushing and flossing can help prevent many dental problems. That said, many dental problems are outside of your control. Genetics play a big role in the strength, durability, and growth pattern of your teeth. Other factors including diet and medications you take for health conditions can also have a big impact on oral health. Damaged and decaying teeth are sometimes just part of life and not something you can entirely prevent.

It’s always possible to address dental problems one at a time, as they arise. But you can also fix all of your teeth at once. A complete dental makeover can certainly fix any damaged or decaying teeth. It can correct an overbite or underbite as well as deal with teeth alignment issues. Finally, any old dental work in need of repair can be fixed.

In addition to fixing dental health problems, a total dental makeover can also address aesthetic concerns. Any missing teeth can be replaced. Whitening can be done to address stained teeth and discoloration. Tooth size and shape can even be modified to create the smile of your dreams.

A Personal Approach

If you’re wondering how you can transform your smile, the answer depends. Our experienced Los Angeles Cosmetic dentist recognizes that every mouth and every person is unique. You’ll work together to come up with a personalized plan based on both the dental problems you have and the cosmetic desires you have.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth or extensive damage or decay, a dental implant is a good solution. During this procedure, a titanium rod is anchored to your jaw. Then, a high-quality ceramic crown is attached. Ultimately, this will look, feel, and function just like a real tooth.

In some cases, our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist will recommend full mouth dental implants. If you are missing multiple teeth or if damage and decay are widespread issues, full mouth dental implants make sense. You’ll end up with a high-quality set of teeth that look great, feel normal, and function just like real teeth. While dentures are another possible solution, full mouth dental implants look and feel more natural. You also won’t have to worry about the slippage and discomfort that often come along with dentures.

Porcelain Veneers

When your dental problems are relatively minimal but you want to change the look of your smile, veneers are a good option. This is a non-invasive approach that can totally transform your smile. Veneers let you modify the shape and color of your teeth. If you have any tooth gaps, veneers can conceal the gap. Veneers can alter the proportion of your teeth and gums when desired. Your teeth can appear straighter thanks to veneers as well. Veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is applied on top of your existing teeth.

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How Long Will it Take to Fix All My Teeth?

Because our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist uses a highly personalized process, it’s impossible to give one answer that will apply to every mouth. That said, our techniques are highly practiced and use advanced technology that saves time. Typically, you can transform your smile and finish your total dental makeover in a week or even less. In some cases, it will take more time but we are committed to inconveniencing you as little as possible.

Complete Dental Makeover Recovery Process

The recovery process will also be unique for every individual. You’ll need more recovery time for more invasive procedures like dental implants. The gums will need to heal so there may be some pain and you’ll need to consume soft foods at first. With veneers and other non-invasive dental procedures, there is virtually no recovery time. You’ll be able to eat normally and shouldn’t expect any pain.

I Want to Fix All My Teeth. What’s the Process Like?

When you meet with our experienced West Hollywood holistic dentist, you’ll share your goals and concerns. Your teeth, gums, and facial structure will be analyzed. Then, we’ll recommend the procedures best suited for your unique needs. At this point, we’ll discuss the details of what this plan would entail including how long it will take, what the recovery would be like, and the results you can expect.

Long-term Outcome of a Complete Dental Makeover

After fixing all of your teeth, what can you expect? First of all, it’s important to note that a complete dental makeover is not a short-term solution. Fixing all your teeth is a long-term solution. Addressing all of your dental issues at once with an experienced and trustworthy holistic dentist is thinking about your future.

A total dental makeover will help prevent future damage and decay ensuring better dental health for a very long time. This also means less pain and less expensive dental work down the line. Perhaps the biggest outcome of a total dental makeover, though, is the mental health boost and improved confidence of a beautiful smile. Studies have shown that our smile has an impact on how the world sees us. Your smile should never hold you back and a complete dental makeover can ensure that it won’t. A confident smile will open doors and it can even transform how you see yourself.

A full mouth reconstruction from an experienced West Hollywood dentist can change your life. Make an appointment for a consultation today.