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What is a flipper tooth (Temporary Partial Denture)

What is a flipper tooth (Temporary Partial Denture)

If you have lost some of your teeth, our dental specialists in West Hollywood can show you how to complete your smile. A flipper tooth or acrylic partial denture is an attractive, removable and prosthetic option offering you a beautiful smile. Your flipper tooth fits along the palate of your mouth or sets on your lower jaw. The cost of dentures in Los Angeles is also more reasonable than you may believe. Your dentist will discuss your flipper tooth cost during your initial consultation. Once you place your flipper tooth in your mouth you have the appearance of a terrific smile.

If you have lost teeth due to decay, removal or injury, teeth flippers for adults are a great option. After your consultation, an impression of your mouth is made by your dentist with a soft material. Your impression is sent to a dental lab so a customized flipper can be created for your mouth. Any gaps you have between your teeth are then filled with prosthetic teeth. Your flipper looks just like your natural teeth but is created using a dental-grade, acrylic resin.

Benefits of Partial Dentures for Front Teeth

One of the best temporary and removable replacements available for your teeth is a flipper. Your flipper tooth cost is well worth the benefits you will receive including:


Your main benefit of a flipper tooth is affordability. In comparison to other alternatives, you will pay less for a flipper. Your cost is approximately 25 percent of a dental implant. A flipper tooth after extraction is a great option for your smile.


A temporary front tooth flipper helps prevent your existing teeth from shifting due to the gap left by your missing teeth.


Part of your flipper tooth cost is the lightweight material. This makes wearing your flipper tooth easy and comfortable.

Easily Manufactured

Your dentist can create your flipper quickly. The manufacturing process is not time-consuming. In most cases, your will receive your flipper tooth either the same or the next day.

Fewer Visits to Your Dentist

You need to make more visits to your dentist for a permanent partial denture due to the metal alloy structure. You only need to make a few visits for your flipper tooth.

Natural Appearance

Your flipper tooth has a natural appearance. You receive a full smile because any gaps are covered beautifully.


Your single tooth flipper is convenient. You can wear it easily and removing and replacing your flipper tooth is simple.

A Better Smile

The moment you insert your flipper tooth, your smile improves instantly. If your missing tooth is visible, all embarrassment is eliminated every time you smile.


Your partial dentures have a flexible structure. If you should lose another tooth, your dentist can add it to your flipper.

Can You Eat With a Flipper Tooth?

When you are missing teeth, eating can be difficult. In addition to being able to eat much more easily with your flipper tooth, your ability to chew should improve. You do need to take care with your flipper tooth while eating due to the fragile and lightweight material that can easily break.

Drawbacks of Teeth Flippers for Adults

Despite the many benefits of your flipper tooth such as filling in gaps, there are also some disadvantages including:


You may experience some mouth discomfort due to your flipper tooth. This is especially true in the beginning. Activities such as eating and talking can initially feel unnatural. If you are experiencing any pain from your flipper tooth, make an appointment with your dentist so they can determine the issue.


The materials used to construct your flipper tooth are less durable and expensive than those for other dentures and can crack much more easily. If your flipper tooth is broken, you will require a replacement or repair.

Gum Recession Risk

Your gums are covered by your flipper tooth which slows or stops your saliva flow in the area. Your gums are kept clean by saliva and also prevent recession.


If you do not properly maintain your flipper tooth, there is a risk of tooth decay and gingivitis or gum disease.


There is a potential allergy risk to the materials used for your flipper tooth. You should tell your dentist if you have any allergies.


As time passes, your flipper tooth can loosen. It is constructed to grip your existing teeth and using your flipper regularly can result in a looser fit. You can always ask your dentist to adjust your flipper tooth for a snug fit.

How Much Does a Flipper Cost for Teeth?

You are probably wondering what is the average cost of a flipper tooth. Your flipper is less expensive than any other type of prosthetics. Your partial dentures cost varies depending on the number of teeth you are having replaced and the materials. In most instances, your flipper tooth cost is between $300 and $500. If you need to pay extra charges for periodic repairs and adjustments, your flipper tooth cost will increase.

How Do I Take Care of a Single Tooth Flipper?

Whether you are using a front tooth flipper or a single tooth flipper, a regular schedule must be kept for maintenance. You need to clean your flipper tooth every day to remove bacteria and food bits. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap such as hand soap or dishwashing liquid. Thoroughly rinse your tooth flipper before placing it in your mouth. If you use toothpaste, you can damage your flipper tooth. If your flipper tooth is causing pain, discomfort or has become loose, call your dentist to schedule an adjustment.

Do not use your tongue to move your flipper around because your front tooth flipper can become loose. Try to avoid foods and beverages with a dark coloration to avoid stains including coffee, cranberry juice and beets. When you are not using your flipper tooth, do not allow it to dry out. If this happens, the risk your flipper tooth will break or become uncomfortable to wear increases. You can maintain moisture in your flipper tooth by soaking it in a denture cleaner or water when you take it out.

If you decide to use water for your single tooth flipper, make sure it is not excessively hot or your flipper tooth can warp. Maintaining your overall dental health is extremely important. By ensuring your existing gums and teeth remain clean, you decrease your risk of tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, gum recession and discomfort. The recommendation is flossing and brushing your teeth at least two times every day. You should also schedule a check-up and cleaning with your dentist once every six months.

Dental Flipper Alternatives

If you are missing at least one tooth, there are dental flipper alternatives. Your permanent options include:

Dental Bridges

You can improve the alignment, shape and appearance of your tooth in addition to your ability to bite with dental bridges. As opposed to dentures, you receive prosthetic teeth directly attached to an implant with bonds, crowns and cement or your existing teeth.

Permanent Prosthetics

A permanent prosthetic fix is more expensive than your flipper tooth but will last a lot longer.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a type of post much like the root of your tooth. Your implant is attached surgically to your jawbone enabling a prosthetic tooth to be held. Your other teeth are not necessary to anchor your implant. Dental implants are different than your flipper tooth because they will not usually become loose as time passes and mimic the function and feel of your natural teeth.

Temporary Front Tooth Flipper

Your dental flipper alternatives also include temporary prosthetics. Your prosthetics are more economical and last longer when compared to your tooth flipper. You will pay more for dental flipper alternatives such as:


Your customized partial denture is called a snap-on-smile and fits over your teeth all the way to your gums but does not cover your palate. You can choose this removable, cosmetic, non-invasive and generally painless option.

Fixed Partial Dentures

Your fixed dentures are attached to adjoining teeth. This option is only available if your roots, teeth and implants are healthy.

Can My Children Wear a Flipper Tooth?

If you are an adult with several teeth missing that are not adjacent, a flipper tooth is a good alternative to replace one tooth. The purpose is restoring the appearance of your natural teeth quickly and inexpensively. Depending on your individual situation, a flipper can be either a permanent or temporary option for your missing teeth. If one of your children has damaged their front teeth, a flipper tooth can be an alternative.

In certain instances, a flipper tooth may be recommended for your child if their permanent teeth have not yet grown in. Your dentist may recommend this option to combat decreased self-confidence common in children with missing teeth. Providing your child with a flipper tooth enables them to enjoy an appealing and beautiful smile. This is important because your child will be able to feel good about the way they look.

Can I Sleep With a Single Tooth Flipper?

You should not wear your flipper tooth all day and night because constant pressure is placed on your tissues. Your result can be bone deterioration and receding gums. If you sleep with your flipper in your mouth, you are risking a fungal gum infection. You will not experience any pain from a fungal infection and may not know there is an issue. When you remove your flipper tooth before you go to bed, your gums have sufficient time to breathe. The recommendation is to take out your flipper each night for roughly eight hours. The best time to do so is when you are sleeping.

How Long Can You Wear a Dental Flipper?

In most cases, your dentist creates your flipper tooth for temporary wear. The idea is to give your gums enough time to heal for your implant. You may decide to wear your flipper tooth permanently since it is lightweight, easily adjustable and less expensive than an implant. A flipper tooth is also a good option if you have a child with missing teeth under the age of 17. Your child can then have implants once they are older.

Caring for your flipper tooth correctly is important since this will prevent damage or the risk of your flipper breaking. Plaque and food particles can be removed easily by making certain you clean your flipper on a daily basis to simultaneously protect your teeth and gums.

How Do I Know If I Am a Good Candidate for Teeth Flippers for Adults?

If you need to replace your front teeth, the chances are good you are a candidate for flipper teeth. If you are interested in something more permanent such as dental implants or a fixed bridge, your dentist can have your flipper tooth created as a temporary solution while you wait. You might prefer the simplicity of a flipper. You may also decide a long-term and permanent solution for your missing teeth is preferable.

If your dentist informs you implants or a fixed bridge are not a good option for your missing teeth, a flipper tooth may be recommended. The best solution is to speak with your dentist about a flipper to determine if you are a good candidate.

Temporary Front Tooth Flipper FAQs

Q: How Long Can I Wear My Flipper Tooth?

A: Your flipper is meant to be a temporary solution before receiving your implant. You may prefer to wear them as a permanent solution due to easy adjustability, lower cost and lightweight construction. You need to take care of your flippers, clean them and remove any food particles or plaque to prevent damaging or breaking them. Your clean flipper tooth will also protect your gums and teeth.

Q: Can I Go To Sleep With My Flipper?

A: Wearing your flipper at night is not recommended because constant pressure is placed on the tissues beneath your flipper. This can be a contributing factor to receding gums, bone deterioration and fungal infection. Taking your flipper out for approximately eight hours every night gives your gums time to breathe. If you are not certain whether or not a flipper tooth is the right option for your needs, simply schedule a consultation with your dentist to determine your best option.

The Final Word

If you need to replace a missing tooth, a dental flipper is an affordable and solid prosthetic tooth option. If you are waiting for a solution with more permanence, a flipper tooth is also a good option. The only way to be certain which option is best for your individual needs is to talk to your dentist. Call West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care today to take the first step toward a beautiful smile.

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