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Stop Cavities Before They Even Start

Cavity Free Mouth

Stop Cavities Before They Even Start

A cavity is a possibility so long as you have teeth, but a cavity doesn’t have to be inevitable. You can prevent a cavity before it happens. Exactly what is a cavity? A cavity is essentially a hole in your tooth. It represents a loss of precious tooth matter owing to decay. Decay in your mouth? Yes, unfortunately.

Like death and taxes, decay in your mouth is unavoidable. Tooth decay is the result of oral acids that inadvertently demineralize the crystalline tooth structure.

Where do Oral Acids Come From?

These acids are digestive, helping your mouth prepare chewed food for further digestion. The problem is, the acids continue to work on bits of chewed food lodged in your gums and teeth long after your waffles or eggs are treasured breakfast memories.

Ongoing, cumulative decay from acidic action eventually results in a cavity, but there are several preliminary stages to the process. The initial decay is superficial, compromising the integrity of your all-important tooth enamel.

How Does Tooth Enamel Protect Teeth?

Tooth enamel is your frontline of defense against decay. One of the main functions of tooth enamel is protecting your teeth from the destructive nature of acid. In addition to the acids already present in your mouth, other acids from citrus, coffee and wine affect enamel as well. When tooth enamel breaks down, the underlying layers of your teeth are vulnerable to further damage.

Luckily, if you catch tooth decay while the process is still localized within your enamel, you can reverse it. Fluoride is one of many substances that restore crucial dental minerals and repair enamel.

If you don’t catch tooth decay while the problem is still localized within your enamel, the inner layer of your tooth begins to break down. This vital inner layer is called dentin. Dentin makes up the bulk of your tooth’s total volume.

The Importance and Fragility of Dentin

Dentin has a microscopic structure that is receptive to decay. This structure also makes it impossible to access and reverse decay superficially after dentin decay begins. Once dentin decay begins, it’s a done deal.

After dentin decay, the underlying dental root becomes infected, causing particular discomfort. At the same time, the integrity of your tooth’s outer covering loses structure and collapses. This is the classic cavity stage at which most people decide to visit a dentist.

You know this stage by the throbbing or persistent pain that vexes your mouth and the rust-tinged foam you expel when you gargle or brush your teeth. Peer in the mirror, and you can even see the brownish decay commandeering your whole tooth. Sometimes you can even see the actual cavity.

During this phase, it hurts to eat everything, especially cold items. Don’t let your teeth get to this point. The best prevention includes proper dental care. Proper dental care includes brushing and flossing at least twice daily and seeing your dentist at least every six months.

Only your dentist can spot the initial stages of enamel decay, a process that often escapes discovery by your naked eye. Your dentist can offer concrete strategies, care and solutions as well as detect potential cavities before you experience pain at the root or nerve.

Your Smile is Your Passport

If you require filling, better to fill a smaller cavity. Smaller fillings tend to be more durable, resulting in a stronger, restored tooth. Don’t wait until oral pain disrupts your flow. Keep your mouth cavity-free, comfortable and full of brilliant, healthy teeth with routine dentist visits.

If you live in West Hollywood or the environs, call our dental practice today for a consultation. Our attentive and seasoned dentists are prepared to devise a unique, situation-specific treatment to help you achieve optimal dental health and the best smile possible.

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