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The Average Cost of Root Canal and Crown in Los Angeles

The Average Cost of Root Canal and Crown in Los Angeles

If you are thinking about getting a West Hollywood dental crown, one of the things you may be worried about is the price. The root canal cost Los Angeles will depend on the when the root of the tooth (or sometimes the tissue inside) is infected, and you feel extreme pain.

West Hollywood porcelain crown is often optional, yet it can be a part of the root canal procedure. Whether you get both or not, you surely want to know the dental crown cost Los Angeles before you undergo the treatment. There are a few steps to the procedure, and they can affect the price you will have to pay. The entire root canal cost Los Angeles will typically depend on the number of times you will have to visit the dentist, which is dictated by the specific tooth being treated.

As mentioned, the dental crown cost Los Angeles is generally optional. The tooth will become fragile after the root treatment, which is why you may have to go through a root canal and crown. Also known as a cap, a crown is merely a protective covering that is made from metal or porcelain. Its purpose is to cover the whole tooth so that no further damage will occur.

Root Canal and Crown Cost

West Hollywood tooth crown and root canal can be both pricey, which is why you may want to be prepared with the amount you may have to pay in case you are required to undergo the procedure. The root canal cost Los Angeles, as well as the crown price in this city and nearby areas, will typically be around $300 to $2,000. Meanwhile, a crown can be priced at least $500 to $3,000.

If you are among those who may not need a crown or cap, you will only have to pay for dental fillings, which cost around $90 to $300. Totaling all the prices will give you a wide range of the dental crown cost Los Angeles and root canal treatment to about $400 to $5,000.

How much is a root canal with insurance?

Note that the West Hollywood dental crown and canal costs mentioned do not take into account any plans or insurance. Here is a breakdown of the possible prices without insurance versus the costs of West Hollywood dental crown and root canal with a dental plan:

Front tooth: The regular cost is around $1,150+, but if you have insurance, you will only have to pay $600+.
Mid-molar: Without insurance, you may have to pay up to $960, but with insurance, the treatment will only cost $330+.
Back molar: If you do not have insurance, the treatment can require as much as $1,185, but with insurance, the price is slashed to less than $955.

Crowns that use porcelain and metal: Without insurance, they are typically around $1,095. Meanwhile, insurance can reduce the price to $620.

Metal crowns: Pay only $880+ if you have insurance in which the original cost is around $1,350+.
All-porcelain: Without insurance, crowns with this material are priced $1,430. With insurance, you may only have to pay around $950+.

The Average cost of root canal and crown in West Hollywood varies per case, depending on the exact tooth that is infected, the crown chosen by the patient, and the severity of the damage.

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