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What Are Natural Dentures?

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What Are Natural Dentures?

When you need to replace teeth that are missing or are heavily damaged, you should think about obtaining some natural dentures to make sure that your smile looks as natural as possible. These dentures are made to appear similar to the color of the rest of your teeth, which means that the people you interact with in the future may not even know you’re wearing natural dentures.

What Natural Dentures Refer To?

Natural dentures are very similar to standard dentures in that they are designed to replace missing teeth. These dentures are usually designed to be removable but can be provided in a fixed option wherein the dentures are fitted into your mouth surgically and remain there without requiring you to remove them for cleaning. Natural dentures are also available as either partial dentures or full dentures, the latter of which is recommended when all of your teeth in the upper or lower rows are gone. Likely the best aspect of natural dentures is that they are designed to appear very similar to the color of your teeth, which means that they will blend in with the rest of your smile.

When to Consider Natural Dentures in Los Angeles

Natural dentures are highly recommended for anyone who is missing 2-3 teeth. Whether these teeth have just recently been removed or have been missing for years, natural dentures will be able to provide you with a full and beautiful smile. By having these dentures placed into your mouth, the teeth that surround the gaps in your mouth won’t shift into different positions, which can create a wide range of problems with the alignment of your teeth. If all of your teeth are missing, natural dentures will provide you with the treatment you require to have a natural-looking smile again. Natural dentures have a flesh-colored based to them, which means that they will blend in with the surrounding gums.

What These Natural Dentures Are Made From

Natural dentures are created from durable acrylic materials with a base that’s colored to appear like gums. These dentures are designed to look just like your original teeth, which means that they are contoured to match your gum line. The exact finish of the natural dentures that you’re provided with depends on the manufacturing company that has made the dentures. Proper measurements will need to be taken of your mouth so as to make sure that the dentures fit into the correct positions.

How to Maintain Your Natural Dentures

Once you’ve obtained your natural dentures, it’s important that you maintain them properly so that they can last for many years. For one, it’s essential that these dentures receive a full cleaning after each and every meal. These cleanings will get rid of any food debris and dirt that has accumulated between meals. You should also clean your mouth of any of this food debris, which means that your gums and tongue should be cleaned. Make sure that you handle your dentures with care while cleaning them. By holding them gently during the cleaning, you will avoid issues with bending the dentures. Other maintenance tips to keep in mind for your natural dentures include soaking them overnight to keep them moist, brushing them at least once every day, and rinsing them properly before placing them back into your mouth.

If you want to properly fill in the gaps of your teeth but would like to have a natural-looking smile, you should definitely consider natural dentures. Call one of our West Hollywood dentists today to schedule a free dental consultation for natural dentures.

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