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Why Choose Zirconia Dental Implants Over Metal, Titanium Dental Implant

Zirconia Dental Implants Los Angeles

Why Choose Zirconia Dental Implants Over Metal, Titanium Dental Implant

Whether you’ve recently lost a tooth or believe that one of your teeth needs to be extracted, you’re likely thinking about replacing this lost tooth with an artificial one that will fill in any gaps. The best and most long-lasting artificial teeth are anchored with a dental implant, which is a type of durable post that’s implanted directly through the gums and into the jawbone. While the more traditional dental implants are made from metal and titanium, the newer zirconia implants have already proven to be highly effective and possibly more reliable than their metal and titanium counterparts.

What Are Zirconia Dental Implants?

Zirconia is a material that’s oftentimes compared to a diamond. This is a crystal material that’s heavily altered before being used in the creation of zirconia implants. The main benefit of this type of implant is that it’s entirely free of metals and is ceramic in nature. Once the zirconia material has been crafted into an implant, you’ll notice that it has a white color to it that matches well with the rest of your teeth. This type of implant is also known to have the same benefits as titanium implants without being made from metal. When you’re thinking about scheduling an appointment for implants at our family dentist in Los Angeles, it’s important that you’re fully aware of what zirconia implants are and the types of benefits that you can receive from them.

Why You Should Choose Zirconia Dental Implants

You should choose zirconia dental implants because there’s practically no downside towards doing so. While metal and titanium can sometimes bond to the jawbone without issue, zirconia is known to interact very well with the gums and the jawbone in almost every instance, which means that you shouldn’t run into an issue where the implant needs to be removed because of a poor interaction. Because of how well this implant interacts with the body, it’s a great solution for anyone who prefers a holistic approach to their dentistry. You might also like that the implants are white in color, which means that they will match well with the rest of your teeth.

If you suffer from allergies, you should also feel confident in receiving zirconia implants for your teeth. People who suffer from certain types of allergies can have difficulties with implants that have metal in them. The worst aspect of these difficulties is that they don’t always show up right away. In fact, the issues caused by metal implants may not show up for several years. By that time, it’s possible that you will experience implant failure and bone loss, both of which would require additional treatments to correct.

If you’re worrying about the stability and durability of zirconia implants when compared to their metal counterparts, the zirconia material is known to be very strong and durable, which means that your implants should last for many years. In fact, this material is considered to be as durable as titanium and other metals used to create dental implants. Another benefit of zirconia implants when compared to their titanium and metal counterparts is that they are highly resistant to water and other possible corrosion. While durable, titanium doesn’t do particularly well in a wet environment, which is problematic when these implants are always in such an environment once placed in the mouth. The presence of fluoride in the mouth can also expedite corrosion with metal implants, which could eventually cause implant failure. On the other hand, zirconia is much more resistant to corrosion because of its status as a bio-compatible material.

Likely the best aspect of zirconia implants when compared to titanium ones is that the surgery that accompanies the placement of the implants is usually shorter in duration. Zirconia implants can be placed immediately after your tooth has been extracted, which means that the implants can be provided in a single treatment session. When obtaining titanium or metal implants, you will require two treatment sessions before the implants have been successfully placed in the mouth. Because of the shorter surgery, your recovery time should also be shorter. During this recovery period, you will likely experience less pain than you would have with titanium implants, which allows you to get back to your standard daily routine in no time.

If you need dental implants and believe that zirconia implants are the ideal choice for your needs, call our Los Angeles dentists now to make an appointment.

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