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Dental Implant Treatment near Los Angeles, CA

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Treatment near Los Angeles, CA

Dental Implants are metal screws that are embedded into the existing bone of the dental arch to replace missing teeth. The top portion of the implant is visible and looks like a real tooth. It attaches to the embedded screw to securely hold the tooth in position. Another form of implantology is to replace a full dental arch of missing teeth. There are four screws positioned in the dental arch that will attach to the denture. This procedure is called “all on 4 dental implants”. Using six implants to secure the prosthesis is called “all on 6 dental implants”. Your dental implants specialist will discuss your options with you. Full arch dental implants make it easier to chew food, speech is greatly improved, and digestion is greatly improved. Seeing a dental implants specialist will ensure that you get the best treatment options that are available, including, same day dental implants.

Dental Implants Near You

Dental implants specialists have gone through extensive training to learn how dental implants will work in each case. Every patient is different and all cases are as well. Different materials work differently for different patients and situations. There are same day implants, zirconia dental implants, and other options available to you. You can search for a dentist that does dental implants near you by typing it in your favorite search engine. Typing in an area such as West Hollywood will bring up noted implant dentists that you can choose from. Dental implants near me is a great statement to enter in the search. You can also just speak it into your search engine and find a local listing. Find a dental implants specialist near you to schedule an appointment. Again, search dental implants near me, West Hollywood, or dental implants los angeles to find one.

Dental Implant Diagnosis

You will begin with the dental assistant gathering some diagnostic tools from you. These will include impressions, x-rays, and charting what teeth you have. A complete health history will be taken as well. Baseline blood pressure readings are important before any dental procedure as well. All restorative treatments need to be done before the impressions are done so that the dentist gets an accurate set of models that will show how your teeth bite together. Proper occlusion (how the teeth bite together) is extremely important to the fit of the final implant. Once all the diagnostic tools are put together you will be invited to a meeting to discuss the most appropriate and best options for your oral health. A procedure called bone grafting is sometimes needed as well to fill in an area that might not have enough bone to do an implant. Cleanings and healing should be done before actual implant appointments as well. Making sure that your overall dental health is maintained and achieved is imperative to the success of the implant. Combining all these things will ensure that you have the optimal chance for the implant lasting for years to come. The diagnosis and treatment plan is the most important part for you to do. The dentist will do all the hard work for dental implants los angeles. All you have to do is decide how white they will be and keep them clean. Whether you are getting same-day dental implants, single tooth implants, or full arch implants, it is up to the dentist and what procedure works best for you.

Dental Implant For A Single Tooth

Historically, the dentist would opt for a cantilever type bridge. This option is not the same day dental implants option. Only if the tooth was the last one in the arch toward the back with no tooth to make a full bridge with will the dentist opt for this type of implant. Today, with current implantology we can leave the perfectly good teeth intact and just replace the missing one by implanting a screw that the crown of the tooth will snap onto and fill in space. The reason we need to fill in this space is that eventually the existing teeth will migrate into the space between them and try to fill in that gap. Single implants are a fairly easy procedure to do. Again, all this will be discussed with you and your dentist. If you have multiple areas that need individual implants, then, you will be informed of all procedures and processes. Even same day dental implants

Dental Implants for Full Mouth

We can do implants on the full dental arch.all on 4 dental implants or all on 6 dental implants..top or bottom…these are called full dental arch implants. These can sometimes be done in a single day depending on several factors. Find dental implants los angeles or West Hollywood dentist who may do the same day implants.

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Implants with Bridges

Depending on the options given, the dentist may opt for a zirconia dental implants bridge to be done. This procedure will restore the teeth to the most natural as possible. This is the strongest and most secure way to replace the missing teeth. It will depend on how many teeth are missing and what the existing bone might look like. Where it is lesser than other spots is where it will be open and the missing tooth just filled in. Implants on either side will be embedded and then the bridge attached to those and the missing space with less bone will be covered but not embedded with an implant. The fake tooth will sit on top of the gums and is supported by the implant on either side.

Dental implants have been around for quite a few years and have recently evolved into the procedure to do for same day dental implants, missing teeth replacements, and full arch dental implants. Technology has been developed into some of the most high tech yet versatile equipment and procedures out there. Most dental implants specialist that perform implants are up to date and use this technology to make certain they are providing you with the best care possible. There is always a seminar to attend that will provide the dentist with the most current care and procedures available. The business office keeps up with costs and co-payments as well so that you are given the exact fees upfront for all procedures. Most diagnostic procedures are covered by most insurance companies. The front office specialist will go over all these costs with you before any procedures being started. Payment plans will be set-up as needed. Call your West Hollywood or dental implants los angeles office today.