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Are Dental Implants Safe? A New Look

Dental Implants

Are Dental Implants Safe? A New Look

Though incredible advancements are taking place regularly in the dentistry field, thousands and thousands of people in West Hollywood still suffer from various dental problems. Tooth, injury, decay, and periodontal disease are major concerns in our communities since they can cause tooth loss and other teeth and gum problems.

For many years now, the dental industry has utilized bridges and dentures to treat patients suffering from tooth loss. However, though these options are still being applied, more advanced options developed over the years have proved effective in treating various teeth and gum issues. Dental implants are a great innovation used to provide relief to patients with missing teeth.

West Hollywood Dental Implants

A dental implant is an excellent treatment option for patients with missing teeth. Dental implants are the latest dentistry techniques for replacing missing teeth. The outcomes from the implant procedure can provide stability, appearance, and functionality to the patient’s teeth. West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care provide dental implants and other treatment options for the gum and teeth.

If you have missing teeth, we are the premier dental clinic in West Hollywood, and our experts can help you fight successfully the embarrassment and low self-esteem brought about by teeth and gum problems.

How Safe are Implants?

Dental implants, performed for over five decades now, have been proved safe as a tooth replacement procedure. When performed by the best suitably qualified dental specialist in your area, and as long as you are in good health, a dental implant can be highly successful. Of course, just like any other treatment procedure, a dental implant procedure also poses a risk, though that should not be a concern to a small degree. Implant success rates are pretty high and failure relatively low. While the probability of rejection or infection is actual, when the dental implant procedure is done right, the numbers of patients that encounter problems aftermath are second to none.

When you visit our dental clinic in West Hollywood, our dentist will examine your medical history, your condition, and other health factors to determine if you’re eligible for an implant. When we meet high-risk patients for surgery, we always discuss any potential risks before advising them on the way forward.

Is it Safe for an Elderly Person to Undergo Dental Implant Procedure?

Yes, the elderly can also benefit from what dental implant surgery offers to the teen. As long as your dentist confirms you’re healthy and approves the procedure, no matter your age, you can benefit from this form of tooth replacement surgery.

Can Implants Become Infected?

When patients learn that dental implants are a foreign body installed in their living tissues, the first thing they think about is infection. With a dental implant procedure, an infection can occur after the surgery.

To help you not be a victim of post-operative infections, as our patient, we will prescribe antibiotics that significantly reduce or eliminate all the possible risks.

How Can Dental Implant Surgery Benefit the West Hollywood Community?

People with missing teeth have several treatment options to explore when they seek help from their dentists. However, though other treatment options for missing teeth work, we cannot overlook the benefits you get from dental implant surgery. The dental implant, as a cosmetic procedure, comes with plenty of great benefits, including:

Improves Chewing Ability

A broken or missing tooth can limit you from enjoying your favorite meal. A dental implant can be your answer if you’re going through a difficult time because of a lost or broken tooth. Once attached to the tooth root, this form of dental treatment will make chewing and biting easy and ensure you can enjoy your favorite meals once again.

Maintain a Healthy Jawbone

If you have a missing tooth that you don’t replace on time, your jawbone can shrink and make you look older than your current age. When your jawbone weakens, the shape and structure of your face change. Dental implants are an excellent method to maintain the face structure. Dental implants will not only strengthen your jawbone but will also retain it.

Thanks to a dental implant surgery procedure, you can restore your youthful look in no time. Your dentist places a dental implant in the affected jawbone during the surgery, which irritates your natural roots to prevent bone deterioration.

Restores Your Confidence

Missing teeth can take away that charming smile you used to produce previously. This can make you lose your confidence when you’re in a public place. Restore your confidence with our West Hollywood dental implants. Our specialists can permanently improve the look and health of your smile.

Implants Feel and Look Natural

Dental implants are designed to duplicate the function and the look of the natural teeth. Once you have dental implants fitted, you can restore the operation of your mouth as if you have your natural teeth and return to enjoying everyday foods.

Cost of Dental Implants

Depending on your case, the cost of implants in West Hollywood, LA, can vary. However, the cost of dental implants in the West Hollywood area can be as low as $ 1,500 and as high as $ 6,000. Note that this only applies to a single implant. When you need multiple implants, the cost can range between $ 2,000 and $ 50 000.

Dental Implants Offer a Long-Term Solution

Dental implants can last long term. They are designed to stay up to 30 years with the proper maintenance. However, just like natural teeth, dental implants will only last long if you give them the appropriate care and maintenance.

Affordable West Hollywood Dental Specialists for Implants

Our goal is to provide patients with high-quality implants most affordably. When you want to get high-quality dental implants cost-effectively and quickly, remember that we are committed to offering the highest level of satisfaction by ensuring we deliver exceptional outcomes that even surprise our patients.

Professional Dental Implants West Hollywood, LA

We use the most recent technology to provide our patients with the best dental implant procedures they will ever encounter in the industry. Our vast experience in various dentistry fields helps us design a plan that perfectly suits your unique implant needs. If you want to improve your oral health significantly, we are just a call away. Our specialists are committed to helping patients in the best way possible when they call or visit our West Hollywood-based dental clinic.

Our dental specialists treat all patients with respect, and despite your particular needs and medical history, you will get the best treatment and support you deserve.

Ready for West Hollywood Dental Implants?

You are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from implants? Great! Call us today to make an appointment. Our dental clinic would love to find out and let you know if you are a qualified candidate for implants. Before you meet one of our dental implant specialists, when you call, we will ensure you are informed about dental implants to prepare yourself to have the treatment procedure done.

As the best dental clinic in Los Angeles, we now provide the most cost-effective dental implants and other dentistry services in the West Hollywood area. We are committed to helping you resolve your dental issues quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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