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Is There Any Downside to Dental Implants?

Downside to Dental Implants

Is There Any Downside to Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the ideal choice for patients who have missing or broken teeth. However, it might not work for some patients due to some reasons. Therefore, Dr Bruce Vafa can recommend other methods such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. You can find the services at West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care. Here are the drawbacks of dental implants in detail.

You May Think Dental Implants Are Costly

Considering the benefits of Dental implants, they not utterly pricey. The cost will depend on the number of teeth that need replacement. On that account, the amount will cut into your savings. To get a rough estimate, you can contact West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care for more information. From there, you will decide whether to continue with the procedure or not. The good news is that once you get the implant, its longevity is quite incredible.

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Dental Implants Involve Surgery

If you have anxiety issues, dental implants might scare you since Dr Bruce Vafa will perform surgery on your gums. For this reason, he will administer local anesthesia to lessen any discomfort that you might feel. Nevertheless, some complications come with the operation such as infection, bleeding, nerve damage, and adverse effects on other teeth. You will also experience some swelling in your mouth after the procedure. Thus, before you opt for dental implants, you need to be aware of the risks that you might encounter.

It Takes a Team to Complete the Process

One person does not do dental implants as they entail various procedures. For instance, one dentist might examine you while another will do the surgery and implantation. What’s more, another specialist will make an impression of your dentition and make it in the laboratory. In regards to all the processes, you will need to pay the experts individually. Therefore, it will take your time and finances as well. It is prudent to prepare yourself adequately for the activity. Lack of Insurance Coverage

Your dental insurance might not cover the expenses that you will incur while getting dental implants. If you are lucky enough, it might pay a small portion of the bill while you have to cater to the other significant amount. Patients in West Hollywood should call their insurance companies first before scheduling an appointment at our clinic. On the day of the procedure, we can go through the payment options to avoid any frustrations. Healing Takes Time

As aforementioned, dental implants require invasive surgery in your gums. For this reason, recuperating might take about 3 to 18 months before you get the artificial tooth. During this time, you need to be careful not to harm the area as it might start to bleed. Hence, you need to be patient to get the best results if you choose dental implants. The highlight is that if you are in West Hollywood, you can visit our clinic anytime if you have an emergency. In addition to that, you will need to honor dentist appointments for regular check-ups regarding your progress.

Not for All Patients

Some people do not qualify for the procedure due to poor oral health. Some conditions are osteoporosis that comes with weak jawbones. In addition to that, if you have gum disease, it will be a problem as you might bleed profusely. The best part is that our experts can do bone grafting so that it can be more robust before the procedure. This way, the implant can slowly fuse with the bone as time goes by. There are age restrictions as well, such that you have to be 18 years of age to get dental implants. At this time, your jaw is fully developed so that the process will be successful. People who smoke will have a hard time maintaining the implants as the substance wears off the dental appliances. Replacing the Crown is Inevitable

The artificial tooth, commonly known as the crown, needs replacement after about 10 to 15 years. Don’t worry, since we have the best dentist in town who can fix the problem with sheer simplicity. The crowns are quite costly if you have more than one in your dentition. Therefore, you need to practice proper oral hygiene to avoid potential damages. It means that you have to brush your teeth and floss them consistently to maintain them. You need to know that the dental implant is permanent; hence, we don’t need to replace it.

Bone Loss Can Occur

Infections can occur, and you might develop periodontal disease that leads to bone loss. Bacteria infect the gums leading to the ailment that makes the tooth structure weak. In addition to that, aging also comes with the loss of bone mass. For this reason, you will the bone mass will decrease with time as you grow older. When this happens, you shouldn’t panic as we can give you a new implant to avert any more damages.

• 5% Failure Rate

Although dental implants have recorded about 95% success rates, there are high chances that they could fail. For example, if our experts use porcelain crowns, they could fracture after some time. Another reason for the failure is existing medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. The next step would be to replace the artificial teeth, meaning added costs in the long run. Despite that, you should not fret since they will be super durable when you take care of them.

After the process, an expert will inform you of the best ways to protect your new set of teeth from injuries or damage. This way, you will have all the details that you need to keep them healthy and strong at all times.

Can Lead to Sinus Problems

Dental implants require extra work, such as lifting the sinus cavity to create space. In the process, you might develop issues like sinusitis that is inflammation in the area. The displacement of the implant is the primary cause of the situation if you don’t get a good doctor. You shouldn’t worry since we have the best dentist in town that can mitigate the risk. Dr Bruce Vafa will do the procedure seamlessly as he has the experience and skills as well.

Need Highly Trained Dentists

You cannot go to any dentist who doesn’t specialize in dental implants and requests for the procedure. Thus, you need to find someone who has the certification to avoid complications. You can check the website to ensure that the dentist has a valid license to carry out the process on you. Our doctors have board certifications to practice dentistry in different realms such as cosmetic and general fields. We also have a board-certified anesthesiologist who administers anesthesia.

Final Words

Now that you know the downsides that come with dental implants, you can weigh whether to have them or not. This way, you can prepare physically, mentally, and financially for the process. You can also opt for other types of tooth replacement; such as bridges or dentures. We have a lifetime warranty in case a problem arises with the dental implants. Plus, we can prescribe night guards or mouth guards to prevent any damages to your teeth. Book an appointment today so that a dentist can take you through the various options that suit you.