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Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost, Procedure, and Treatment Option

full mouth dental implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost, Procedure, and Treatment Option

Do you have some missing teeth along the dental ridge of your mouth? Have you lost some teeth due to gum disease, severe tooth decay, or bruxism (chronic teeth grinding)? Then, full-mouth dental implants are the perfect solution.

Dental implants were among the most significant advancements in dentistry in the 20th century. You do not have to wear dentures anymore. They are often inconvenient, uncomfortable and, even unhealthy. With the help of these implants, you can recreate the smile of your youth or even have a better smile than you have ever had before.

Our dental implants specialists at West Hollywood are ready to help. They will explain to you the importance of full-mouth dental implants and why you need them. These experts will also examine you to determine if you are eligible for these devices. If not, they will recommend a more convenient option for your situation. Dr. Bruce Vafa, a licensed and reputable West Hollywood dentist, will walk with you through the entire full mouth dental implant journey, ensuring yields the best results.

What are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Contrary to popular belief, dental implants are not the standard ‘artificial teeth’ placed above the gum line. They are metal frames or posts placed in your jawbone through a surgical procedure. The implant specialist fixes the new teeth into these frames. In turn, this results in secure and stable teeth. In general, dental implants will look and feel like your natural teeth. They will give you that natural-looking complete set of teeth and a more youthful look.

Unlike what its name suggests, this procedure often involves only a particular set of teeth. Usually, it is only the lower or upper set of teeth or both. In dental implants, you place a single tooth with a dental crown affixed to a single implant. On the other hand, full mouth dental implants consist of implants that support an entire row of teeth. In turn, they leverage four to eight dental implants in each row of replacement teeth.

Who is eligible for full-mouth dental implants?

Since full mouth dental implant procedures need at least one minor surgery, prospective candidates need to be healthy. Thus, before beginning the process, our specialist evaluates your mouth. We will also discuss any medical history that the procedure can worsen. You may also have to undergo imaging and dental x-rays to find out they are healthy enough to heal fast.

Likewise, prospective patients should have enough jawbone to secure and reinforce the implants. So, there must be enough support from the surrounding bone. People who lost teeth a few years ago or had advanced periodontal disease may suffer significant tooth bone loss. Luckily, Dr. Bruce Vafa can help you build up the jawbone for implant using advanced jaw bone grafting techniques. We place the implants at strategic intervals throughout your lower or upper arch.

Types of significant restoration styles for full mouth dental implants

There are three main types of safe full mouth dental implants as recognized by the American Dental Association. They include:

• All-on-4

This technique involves placing four dental implants into your gums. We fit an entire arch of secure porcelain teeth within your gum line. As a result, they can serve as natural teeth in aesthetic and function.

• Implant-supported dentures

Standard dentures are usually awkward and lose fitting. Specialized (implant-supported) dentures provide more support since we snap them onto dental implants. They are more affordable and stable than regular dentures. But, they are considerably looser fitting than fully affixed dental implants. Thus, patients need more frequent maintenance appointments.

• Zirconia Full Arch

Zirconia, also known as Zirconium Dioxide, is a new generation of dental implants in the industry. They contain biocompatible metal like titanium but with a similar appearance to porcelain ceramic. As a result, Zirconia is long-lasting with excellent biocompatibility. It also features impeccable tissue integration with suitable biomechanical properties. Thus, it is the perfect solution for candidates with a titanium allergy.

Benefits of full mouth dental implants

Full mouth dental implants provide several advantages over other teeth replacement options. First, they function and look like natural teeth. These implants are also durable, secure, and more comfortable than traditional dentures or bridges. In turn, they will give you a more natural chewing and biting capacity.

Another benefit associated with full mouth dental implants is that it aids in preserving the bone. Like natural teeth, the implants will replace some of your tooth roots. As a result, this provides your jawbone with stability without damaging your natural teeth. Conventional bridges or dentures are unhealthy as they damage your natural teeth. Once a dentist affixes the bridges to adjacent teeth after having a significant amount of their healthy root structure cut off, it weakens the natural teeth.

Thus, bridges only last 5-10 years, with 30% of the teeth holding them failing. (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) This is a direct result of the extra work they do to secure the device. Full mouth dental implants have a 97% long-term success rate. More so, people with these implants can eat anything they want without fear of implant slip or failure.

Lastly, full mouth dental implants are easier to maintain and more aesthetic than regular dentures. As a result, patients will have a more natural-looking complete set of teeth, a younger look, and the ability to chew, speak, bite, and smile confidently.

The Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure

As mentioned earlier, we attach full mouth dental implants through a minor and painless surgical procedure. The patient will be under sedation or local anesthesia. Often, our expert West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care anesthesiologist administers it. Once sedated, the implant specialist will make a small incision in the gum tissue where you have missing teeth. We prepare the jawbone and attach an implant to it. Upon securing the implant, the dentist will stitch the gums closed for healing.

Over the next two to four months, you will leave the implants, bone, and gums to bond together and heal. During this time, you will return to the West Hollywood Cosmetic dentist’s office. Here, you will get a temporary teeth replacement option to insert into the dental implants.

Often, patients need a second step of the procedure. It involves uncovering the implants and affixing the extensions. Some implant systems do not need this step since they use an implant with the extension piece connected. The second step uses the temporary healing caps and various connecting devices to form a complete foundation for your new teeth.

Finally, the last step involves attaching your customized dentures or bridges to the abutments. After a short duration, you will have your million-dollar smile and ability to speak and chew confidently back. It is also worth noting that the system might be slightly different if you need other specialized dental procedures, like bone grafting, for your implants.

What is the Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Restoring an entire arch of teeth with full mouth dental implants may need several teeth implants—this aids in ascertaining that the bridge is secure enough. Thus, the definite number of implants required varies depending on the number of teeth that need restoration.

In turn, the price of full mouth dental implants depends on several considerations, including:

• If you need for an additional specialized dental procedure, like bone grafting or tooth extraction

• If you need a sinus lift

• Number of implants required

On average, the cost of full mouth dental implants ranges between $30,000 – $70,000. But, the total fee of the treatment also depends on the dental practice, the skill of your preferred dentist, and your geographical location. Also, it is advisable to contact your insurance provider before going through the procedure. This aids in verifying whether you are eligible for a refund before going through the procedure

How to maintain full mouth dental implants

Cleaning and maintenance of full mouth dental implants are like that of natural teeth. Follow all the standard dental hygiene practices to ensure your implants remain as healthy and natural-looking as possible. Although implants do not decay, using a Waterpik, flossing, and brushing helps ascertain good dental hygiene.

You may also opt to get a night guard to keep your lower and upper teeth from grinding against each other at night. This plastic bite wafer is ideal for patients with a history of grinding or clenching their teeth (bruxism).
Alternative treatment options to full mouth dental implants

Not everyone requires a full mouth dental implant procedure to fix their smile. Our implant specialist will use his years of dental knowledge to assess the patient’s unique factors through a careful and thorough evaluation. Then, we will customize the best treatment plan for them. Some alternatives to full mouth dental implant procedure include:

• Mini dental implants: These are like regular dental implants but with a smaller diameter. They attach to the gum tissue through a screw that allows them to go straight into the jawbone.

• All-on-four dental implants: Ideal for people who have complete tooth loss on lower or upper jaws or both. It involves using four single implants to hold an arch of teeth (fixed denture).

Conventional dental implants take two to six months to complete. Teeth in a day: This is the ideal procedure if you want to stabilize loose dentures or replace many missing teeth in a day. Same-day implants allow you to leave the dental office with new teeth on the very same day. But, your final teeth will be available several months later once your jawbone bonds with the implants. In the meantime, you will still have your confident talk and smile.

Final Thoughts

Full mouth dental implants are a versatile and affordable tooth replacement procedure. They fully restore the aesthetics and health of your natural teeth, giving you the ability to use your mouth with confidence. Furthermore, they can last a lifetime with proper care and hygiene. Thus, if you are looking to replace your missing teeth and restore your beautiful smile, book an appointment with one of our West Hollywood full mouth dental implant specialists.

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