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How Long Can Dental Implants Last

dental implants life span

How Long Can Dental Implants Last

The Longevity of Dental Implants

Wondering How Long Dental Implants Last? Dental implants are a remarkable way to preserve your beautiful smile and maintain your dental health. But before you have them put in, you are likely to have some questions. How long can an implant last? Are dental implants safe? Here, we will answer these questions and more, so that you feel fully informed before undergoing any procedures.

Average Life of Dental Implant – How Long Dental Implants Last

Are dental implants permanent? While many people never need to have their implants replaced, they cannot be said to be entirely permanent. Generally, implants are said to have a life expectancy of twenty-five years. The actual longevity of your implants, however, depends on a number of factors. Taking care of your teeth goes a long way toward maintaining the well-being of your implants. If you brush and floss regularly and go to your dentist every six months for a cleaning, then your implants will be kept clean and your dentist will be able to monitor their status.

People with implants should also be especially careful not to bite down on hard objects or use their teeth for opening bottles, as this can break or damage the implant. The skill with which the implant is placed also has an effect on dental implant lifespan, which is why it is so important to have the procedure done with a trusted expert in the field. If you take all of this into account, then you can consider yourself to have, for all intents and purposes, permanent dental implants.

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Are Dental Implants Safe?

With a ninety-five percent success rate, dental implants are usually effective and safe. There are, however, some minor complications that can arise. Sometimes, implants can become loose and even fall out. The area around the implant, in rare cases, becomes infected, or is suddenly subject to painful pressure that forces the ejection of the implant. Nerve or tissue damage can cause numbness or a tingling sensation in the area around the implant, most frequently felt in the gums, lips, or chin. Upper jaw implants sometimes touch the sinus cavities, which in turn creates problems with the sinuses.

It is important to remember that these complications are rare, and their likelihood is reduced when a patient engages in proper post-procedural care. After you get your implants, you need to take especially good care of your teeth and report any problems to your dentist immediately. There is also a normal recovery process after you get your implants, which can cause discomfort. This does not mean the procedure is unsafe, but is a natural byproduct of any surgical intervention.

Dental Implant Failure

On very rare occasions, dental implants can bend, crack, or break. This does not usually happen as often as it used to because of advances in technology and the use of titanium in modern implants. All the same, being hit in the head or persistent teeth grinding can cause an insert to fail. If this happens, a patient should go to their dentist immediately. In most cases, another implant can be inserted once the area has properly healed.

The Benefits Dental Implants

So now you know a little about the lifespan of dental implants. But what are the benefits of having this procedure done? What do you stand to gain? In fact, dental implants are a single solution to a number of dental issues, both aesthetic and practical in nature. If your smile is suddenly distorted by and ugly gap from a missing tooth, this can be a big hit to your self esteem. A dental implant restores the old symmetry to your smile, giving you the confidence to laugh and grin with your friends as your had always done before.

Implants also allow you to eat comfortably, since they they are permanently attached to the bone. If you are used to having to remove dentures every time you sit down for a meal, this will be a welcome change. A permanent implant also makes it easier for many people to talk, giving them a full set of teeth with which to voice all the sounds of their language. Implants might not be magic, but in a certain sense the benefits derived from then have a truly enchanting appeal.

So do dental implants last forever? Well, no, but they last decades with proper care. It is important for patients to remember that, when they ask, “how long do implant dentures last?” the answer often depends on their own commitment to dental health. With assiduous brushing, close self-observation for issues, and regular visits to the dentist, patients can lengthen the dental implant lifespan and keep their permanent teeth implants in tip-top condition.

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