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What Types of Dental Implants Should I Choose?

Zirconia Dental Implants Los Angeles

What Types of Dental Implants Should I Choose?

Dental Implants Types and Options

If your smile isn’t what it used to be, you should know that you have a range of options available to you. For decades, many senior citizens have looked to removable dentures as the mainstay to replace their natural teeth, but in recent years different kinds of permanent dentures have become more popular alternatives. Nowadays, more sophisticated models are available, offering the wearer a more natural appearance, increased durability, and greater resistance to damage including cracking and breakage.

For those who would prefer not to have to remove their dentures on a daily basis, and who want a more realistic appearance, permanent dental implants are a great solution. Because they’re integrated directly with the jawbone, they afford the wearer better stability and security while talking and eating, and they blend more seamlessly into the surrounding gum tissue and any remaining natural teeth for a less artificial appearance. Additionally, implants can help correct a variety of dental problems. If you’re missing a single tooth, it can be replaced with an individual implant. For more extensive restoration, you can get an entire new set of upper and lower implants.

When making the decision to get dental implants, there are a number of important considerations: how many teeth you need to replace, the total cost, the materials and expected lifespan of the implants, and more. Unlike removable dentures, permanent implants can be quite costly, and the procedures necessary to install them can seem intimidating and be time-consuming. It can be hard to know which option is likeliest to meet your unique needs. This informative guide will help you narrow down the possibilities.

Dental implants come in all different sizes and types, and they’re designed to correct a variety of problems – from replacing a single missing tooth to giving the wearer an entirely new smile. Some varieties are installed via individual titanium screws that are surgically embedded directly in the jawbone while others rely on only four total implants that anchor the permanent denture plates in position. Some are made of materials that are more durable and longer-lasting than others, but also more expensive. Some are designed to look as natural as possible and ideally to blend in unnoticeably with any remaining natural teeth.

One popular option that offers you the best of all possible worlds is zirconia implants. These implants are essentially a type of ceramic derived from zirconium material, which is valued primarily for its durability and for its ability to fuse with natural bone. Though zirconium has been a common component in many medical appliances – particularly replacement joints like hips and knees – for years, only recently has it begun to be widely used in dentistry. Because it easily integrates with bone, zirconium is a foundation for more stable, longer-lasting implants. Unlike implants made from other materials, zirconia implants also won’t corrode with use, so you can chew, talk, and smile freely without fear of wear and tear. Plus, you won’t have to worry about increased sensitivity to heat or cold – a common complaint among people with other kinds of permanent dental implants.

Some of the other biggest advantages are cosmetic in nature. Traditional titanium implants are silver in color, and noticeably metallic. In contrast zirconia implants are white in color, which means they’ll be less noticeable in the event of gum recession, and they’ll blend in more seamlessly with your natural teeth. You also won’t have to worry about a gray gum line due to the titanium screws being visible through the delicate tissue of your mouth.

Allergic reactions are a common concern among people with titanium implants. Titanium allergy can occur when particles from the implants are released into the body due to corrosion, and it can cause unpleasant health complications. If you are aware that you are sensitive to titanium, zirconia implants can be the ideal solution for you. The material is also ideally suited to people with immune system disorders or other health problems, as it’s hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and will help promote a healthier mouth.

Because zirconia implants are designed differently than traditional titanium implants, the time it takes to install them and to recover from the procedure is shortened. Unlike titanium implants, which must be installed in at least two procedures – one to embed the screw and the other to apply the crown – zirconia implants can be installed in a single session. And when the patient’s gums and bones are sufficiently health, installation can often be accomplished without incisions or suturing. It’s simpler, faster, and less painful from start to finish.

As with every other kind of dental implant, zirconia has its share of drawbacks as well, so before committing to them it’s important to discuss your options with your dentist and to do your research with the manufacturer of your implants to find out which is the best fit for you. For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation, contact us today at West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care.

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