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What Causes a Cavity on the Side of a Tooth?

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What Causes a Cavity on the Side of a Tooth?

The side of the tooth is known in dentistry as the smooth portion of the tooth. There are only mild ridges and indentations for food to become caught after eating and cause tooth decay. But that does not mean that this area is not just as vulnerable to decay as other areas of the teeth. In some ways, the sides of the teeth are often the neglected surface when it comes to maintaining a healthy set of teeth.

The Forgotten Sector
In the West Hollywood area for years parents and dentists alike have tried to stress the importance to kids of brushing all sides of their teeth. And the truth is many of us as adults are guilty of the same negligence. The sides of the teeth are all too often forgotten when brushing. There can be a variety of causes including being in a hurry, needing to replace our toothbrush or simply never having been taught the proper way to thoroughly brush all the teeth. It is important to brush and floss the side areas of the teeth also to help prevent cavities and decay.

The Bacterial Invasion
The fact is that most tooth decay takes several components combined together to cause damage to the teeth. One of the well-known ones is sugar or carbohydrates. The other culprit necessary is not so well known outside the West Hollywood and other dental communities and that is lactic acid. Lactic acid is the output of bacteria that have taken up residence in the mouth and multiplied after enjoying a nice large feast on those leftover sugars and carbohydrates on the sides of the teeth. Notice that even though the sides of the teeth are more smooth without ridges for trapping food particles, they are just as vulnerable to decay and destruction from not properly brushing several times a day. This is why brushing after meals is especially important.

The Water Connection
For reasons only partly understood, water seems to have a notable benefit to the overall health of the teeth. Some of the reasons are obvious and well known. Water helps to wash away food and bacteria, drinking water instead of sugary drinks prevents tooth decay because water lacks the sugar and carbohydrates that the destructive bacteria feed upon. Many water sources in the West Hollywood region have plenty of fluoride in their supply which is good for promoting healthy teeth. Using water as a mouthwash several times a day also has been shown to be beneficial to the teeth. It is quite effective at washing away large portions of those colonies of bacteria living on the sides of the teeth. There is no need to make a science out of it, simply grab a bottle of water instead of that favorite soft drink next time and spend a little of the time swishing some of the water around in your mouth and then spitting it out while drinking it.

Taking care to floss and include the sides of the teeth when brushing along with choosing water instead of juices or other sugary drinks will go a long way in preventing cavities on the sides of the teeth. Adopting a determination to also keep the sides of the teeth clean will have a positive impact on the overall dental health for anyone in the West Hollywood area.

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