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A guide to Common Dental Procedures

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A guide to Common Dental Procedures

What are the most common dental procedures you should know?

Dental problems come in all shapes and forms. The most common problems suffered by patients are gingivitis, halitosis, and tooth decay. These can occur in anyone at any age. Let’s take a look in detail at the most common dental procedures below.

Filings and Restorations – Most fillings today are either a composite tooth-colored resin or a silverish gray amalgam. The tooth is drilled down until only the rock-hard enamel remains to ensure the filling lasts as long as possible.

Bridges and Implants – Implants are a two-stage procedure. First, a titanium rod is grafted into the jaw bone if the bone density is sufficient. Then, after a few months, a synthetic tooth can be cemented into place on the rod. Bridges bridge a gap in between two teeth with a special dental appliance that is anchored on two teeth with one false tooth in the middle.

Crowns – An artificial tooth that is cemented over the remaining shell of the natural tooth after a root canal. A crown is usually the last step possible to extend the life of a tooth before an implant is necessary.

Dentures – Dentures are known as false teeth. They are softer than regular teeth and used to fill in missing teeth (a partial) or full sets on top and bottom.

Braces – Braces are a dental appliance that slowly straightens crooked teeth over time. Patients may either use Invisalign appliances or traditional metal wire braces to correct overbites, underbites, and snaggle teeth.

Root Canals – The nerve of the tooth is drilled out so the tooth can be filled with a metal post and composite material. It is then fitted with a crown to restore a biting surface.

Extractions – This is commonly done to remove impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that are too badly decayed or broken and cannot be fitted with a crown.

Whitening – Teeth can become stained from tea, coffee, tobacco, medication, damage, or aging. There are a variety of processes to restore the white color of teeth.

Sealants – If your teeth are in good condition, you may want to protect them from the long-term wear of acid erosion and decay by having sealants applied to the molar and premolar surfaces.

Veneers – Veneers are thin durable coverings of resin or ceramic that are bonded directly to teeth to restore whiteness or other aesthetic reasons. They can give you that Hollywood smile fast.

Bonding – Veneers require laboratory customization before installation. Bonding is a technique that uses a tooth-colored composite resin to restore the teeth. The resin is industrial strength and cured using a UV light.

Periodontal Surgery – Periodontitis is a serious disease where inflammation of the gums has spread into the bones, causing tooth loss. In some cases, surgery may be required to cut out the infected tissues to reverse the disease.

Oral Cancer Screening – Looking for sores, discolorations, and other unusual tissue is a normal part of any dental visit. If a patient is suffering pain, particular attention may be given.

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