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Dental Crowns Vs. Dental Implants: Understanding Each Approach For Good Oral Health

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Dental Crowns Vs. Dental Implants: Understanding Each Approach For Good Oral Health

If you are undergoing some kind of dental treatment, you have probably already heard about the terms ‘crown’ or ‘dental implants’. There are considered to be incredibly common and are things that most individuals encounter at some point in time in their lives. It is always important to note exactly what these terms mean and all that they entail.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a ceramic structure which can also be made out of porcelain. This is a prosthetic tooth that is fitted directly on top of the existing tooth that has had some kind of infection. Dentists generally apply a crown for teeth that have had a considerable amount of tooth decay and which are experiencing rapid infections. The crown is meant to protect the tooth in certain ways and to prevent the rest of the teeth from getting infected in the process. The crown is also meant to ensure that an individual can use the tooth as normal and doesn’t encounter any kind of problems when trying to chew or talk. The most important reason why crowns are put onto teeth is to prevent them from getting worse over time. In many instances, especially ones with rapid decay taking place, protecting the tooth becomes incredibly important and is something that ensures that the tooth doesn’t encounter more problems.

In some instances, crowns are offered in conjunction with bridges to be able to take care of any gaps that might arise. Sometimes, when a tooth is extracted, there is a certain amount of space that is created. If the teeth surrounding this also experienced an infection, they may need a crown after a filling. In these instances, a crown is put in along with a bridge to take care of the space around the tooth. This is something that is incredibly beneficial to those who have a number of affected teeth that need to be taken care of, and those who need multiple different teeth to be treated at the same time. The stability offered in this kind of treatment option is also worth noting, especially because of the fact that it retains the functionality of the teeth while still feeling like a real tooth. Sometimes, people even forget that they have crowns on some of their teeth because of how used to it they tend to get after a certain period of time.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are another popular procedure that individuals are generally prescribed when there is an immense amount of tooth decay that they are experiencing. Dental Implants are often used as an alternative when an individual is in need of certain kinds of crowns or bridges, or where an immense amount of work needs to be done to restore the functioning of the tooth. In this instance, an individual is generally asked to come in for a number of sessions to carry out this procedure. The dentist usually places some kind of support structure to the jawbone through a surgical procedure. After doing this, the support system will undergo a process of osseointegration. This is a process during which some of the cells within your jawbone will fuse with those of the support that has been put within it. During this time, the tooth is strengthened and the bone is able to stay healthy during this time. Individuals who choose to go in for implants over bridges or crows never have to worry about the implant coming off. The procedure that is in play entails a fixture that is firmly placed within the jaw, leaving no room for the piece to move around or shift in any way. The implant is one of the most study things that you will encounter and is a great solution for those who need a support structure in place.

Choosing A Course Of Action

The dentist is the best person to let you know what the best course of action is to take in these instances because he or she can determine the severity of the infection and the stage that it currently is at. Based on this information, they can advise the patient on the best approach for them which can help them restore the functioning of their teeth while having a good solution to work with.

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