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What if You Have an Emergency Dental Need in West Hollywood

Emergency Dentist West Hollywood

What if You Have an Emergency Dental Need in West Hollywood

Having a dental emergency in West Hollywood? The vast majority of dental appointments are either twice yearly checkups or scheduled procedures. However, there can always be dental emergencies that take patients by surprise. In these cases, it can be difficult to know what to do, since most people don’t think of dentists as emergency establishments.

Essentially, anything that is not routine dentistry is an emergency. A minor toothache is something that probably should have a standard appointment scheduled. On the other hand, a major toothache or bleeding from the mouth with pain are things that should not be taken lightly should be evaluated by an emergency dentist in West Hollywood. Broken teeth or a broken jaw are also dental emergencies. If other injuries are present, it may be wise to consult an emergency room physician first. However, to fix broken teeth or jaws, an emergency dentist is your best bet. Another example of a common dental emergency is a lost dental filling or crown. Since this has a propensity to cause infection and other detrimental effects on your health, this is also something that should be addressed immediately. If you have an object stuck in your teeth, that is also usually considered a dental emergency.

In the case of an outside force knocking a tooth out, you should immediately put it in a cup that has the patient’s saliva, lukewarm water, or milk. This will preserve its integrity to make the chances of being able to replant the tooth more likely.

While we listed many of the most common dental emergencies above, that list certainly is not all-inclusive. Many unique circumstances can constitute emergencies. If you think you may have a dental health emergency, the first thing you should do is call a qualified clinic that is open 24/7 to handle all your emergency dental concerns. Luckily, Holistic Smile Care can handle dental emergencies around the clock. There is even a dedicated dental emergency line you can call at (323) 654-2840. You should call this number even if you think you have an emergency but are not sure. If your life is in danger or there are other serious injuries, you should first call a general emergency number (911).

If you and the technician you speak with determine that you or a loved one is suffering from a dental emergency, we can schedule you immediately to come to our office. Again, we are open 24/7 to accommodate any dental emergency. The number listed above is a dedicated number for emergencies only; our general office number is different and handles standard inquiries. Holistic Smile Care goes above and beyond to ameliorate dental emergencies. As soon as you bring yourself, your child, or other loved one into our office, we will take immediate measures to calm and comfort the individual suffering.

We’re intimately familiar with techniques to save teeth that may be close to becoming unusable. Having a trained staff is vital to maximum recovery from a dental emergency. We also understand that there is a huge emotional impact when dealing with a dental emergency, so we will make the working environment as calm as possible. We also will use our advanced diagnostics capabilities to determine how to relocate a dislodged tooth in the most natural and painless way possible.

The most important thing in a dental emergency is to not panic! Regardless of whether it is you or a loved one suffering, it’s important to stay pragmatic. Do not attempt to fix the injury yourself, regardless of whether it looks obvious or not. It’s best to get the patient quickly transported to us after calling our emergency hotline and let us take care of it for you. If you need an emergency dentist in West Hollywood, please call Holistic Smile Care’s 24/7 dental emergency hotline at (323) 654-2820.

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