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A Guide To Gum Recession Treatment

A Guide To Gum Recession Treatment

Gum recession occurs when the tissue that supports and surrounds you teeth become infected. The three different forms of gum recession are Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and Advanced Periodontitis. Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum recession that causes gum inflammation due to plaque buildup on your gumline. The next form of gum disease is Periodontitis which is caused by small pockets right beneath the gumline enhances plaque growth and penetration. When this worsens it will cause damage to the fibers and bone of your teeth which will make them shift or become loose. This is a more advanced form of gum recession called Advanced Periodontitis.

Why The Need To Treat Recession

Gum recession should be treated in order to prevent damaging or unpleasant conditions to your mouth, teeth, gums, and also your health. You should visit your dentist if there are any signs of gum recession to avoid dental health problems. If this is not addressed early it will worsen and cause your teeth to eventually start falling out one by one. By treating gum recession you can avoid symptoms such as:

  • bad breath
  • red/swollen gums
  • tender/bleeding gums
  • sensitive/loose teeth
  • painful chewing

The Best Techniques Used To Treat Gum Recession

The 4 best techniques used to treat gum recession are the following:
The Vista Technique– is one the first recession treatments invented that require a minimum amount of invasive surgery or technique. Only a tiny incision and small amount of suturing are required for this technique.

The Pinhole Technique– does not require any incisions or stitches and is an alternate form of the VISTA technique. Collagen is inserted through small pinholes that are made into the gums for access by lifting and maneuvering the gums in the appropriate position.

The Gum Drop Technique– uses natural growth factors that come from the patient’s blood. No incisions are required for this technique and it is a different variation of the VISTA technique. As in the Pinhole Technique, the gums are lifted and maneuvered into the appropriate position. The healing process is extremely successful due to the use of the patient’s blood.

The Use Of Connective Tissue/Gingival Grafting

Connective tissue and gingival grafting have been used for many years and are the most reliable forms used for gum recession. More stitches will be required for connective tissue and gingival grafting which tends to be more painful. This technique may not be desirable for many people but may have to be utilized when VISTA, Pinhole, and Gumdrop techniques are not suitable for the patient.

Allow West Hollywood Dentist help you when choosing the best gum recession treatment for you. West Hollywood Dentist can access your situation and assist you in deciding which least invasive gum recession option will best address your needs. Give West Hollywood Dentist a call at 323-654-2840 to attend to your gum recession treatment and give you excellent results.

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