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How often should I get professional teeth cleaning

teeth cleaning cost Los Angeles

How often should I get professional teeth cleaning

Good dental hygiene is essential to overall good health. Ever wonder how often to do teeth cleaning at dentist? You should get dental exams and teeth cleanings regularly to help maintain a healthy smile. If you live in the West Hollywood or Los Angeles area, our office can help. Make an appointment for a professional cleaning from a dentist or hygienist at Bruce Vafa DDS.

Dental Cleanings

What are dental cleanings?

It is important to develop a good daily tooth care routine. You should brush your teeth twice daily. Floss your teeth every day. Experts recommend that you get an annual dental exam.

During a dental exam, our dentist or hygienist at our clinic will examine your teeth. We search for cavities or any oral health problems. A teeth cleaning is a part of a regular dental exam. During a cleaning, we remove tartar, plaque and bacteria that has built up on your teeth. At West Hollywood Holistic Smile Care, we have the proper tools to clean your teeth. Our Los Angeles dentists and hygienists will explain every step of the cleaning process. We can also answer any questions you have about dental care.

Bacteria, plaque and tartar are especially harmful. They can cause tooth decay. Teeth will chip off or fall out when decayed. Tooth decay and gum disease can cause harmful infections that require treatment.

How Often Should You Have Your Teeth Cleaned?

One common question patients have is, “How often to do teeth cleaning at dentist?” Most people should get a cleaning once per year. However, under some circumstances you should get your teeth cleaned more often. For instance, those with gum disease should have cleanings 3-4 times per year. Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to infection and tooth loss. Visiting a dentist several times per year for special cleanings is essential in the treatment of gum disease.

Certain diseases are linked to tooth problems. For instance, if you have diabetes or heart disease, you’re more likely to suffer problems with your teeth. You should be sure to keep your regularly scheduled dental appointments if you have these diseases. Smokers should also have their teeth examined and cleaned often. Keep in mind that every patient’s case is different. At Bruce Vafa DDS, we will give you an oral exam and recommend a treatment plan for you.

Cost and Benefits of Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Cost

Nervous about the cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles? Teeth cleaning is usually inexpensive for our patients. Most dental insurance plans cover cleanings because they are a preventative dental service. For an estimate of your teeth cleaning cost, contact our staff at Bruce Vafa DDS. Do not let the cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles prevent you from caring for your smile.

Cosmetic Benefits of Tooth Cleaning

In addition to keeping teeth healthy, professional cleaning improves appearance, too. When you brush and floss, you remove food particles from your teeth. However, a professional cleaning removes particles from hard to reach places that you may have missed. Professional cleaning instruments also remove sticky particles that are difficult to remove with a brush. After a dental cleaning, your teeth may even look brighter. Your mouth will probably feel fresher and cleaner, too.

Regular dental checkups will help keep your smile healthy. Clean teeth will also give you confidence. Our clinic, Holistic Smile Care, has the tools and experience to help you. Call us today for a consultation.

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