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Why Store Stem Cells In Teeth?

stem cell from tooth los angeles, ca

Why Store Stem Cells In Teeth?

The need for a healthy lifestyle tops the list of priorities in our lives. People are willing to part with hard earned savings or fortune for treatment. In simple terms, good health is not only a basic need but also a continuous process. Consequently, medical practitioners have in the recent past advocated for preventive rather than curative measures to avert any diseases and disorders. However, we still find ourselves having to go for the latter where symptoms were not detected early enough. The increased awareness of preventive measures has been reinforced by innovative ideas and medical practices. Such innovations aim to improve delivery of quality services and at the same time reduce the financial burden associated with treatment. One such innovation is the extraction and storage of human cells from different parts of our bodies for future use in our treatment. The most common of these are cord blood banking and storing stem cells in teeth. The former involves collecting blood from newborns umbilical cord and placenta. The collected blood contains lifesaving cells commonly known as stem cells. The cells may either be donated to a public bank or kept in a private one for your family’s use. Storage of stem cells from teeth has become widely accepted owing to the increased dental related problems. It involves extraction of the cells from a tooth that is expected to be removed. In medical terms, this innovation or rather a field is known as regenerative medicine.

Selection Criteria for Dental Stem Cells

The easiest procedure to extract dental stem is from exfoliating teeth, teeth removed as a result of orthodontic problems, and wisdom teeth. Primarily, the process begins when a kid’s baby tooth becomes loose or your west hollywood dentist recommends removal of a tooth. Regenerative medicine is thus anchored on putting into good use body parts that to some extent are no longer useful. In essence, the teeth should meet a particular set of conditions before being used for extraction. For teeth that shed naturally, the following requirements are preferred during selection;

  • The pulp should appear to be red in color indicating adequate blood supply.
  • The teeth should have two third of the root.
  • Extracted teeth are preferred that exfoliated teeth.
  • Anterior teeth are preferred as posterior deciduous teeth have less pulp and high chances of infection due to longer retention.

For adults, the teeth should not only have sufficient amount of pulp but should also be free from any infection. Besides, periodontal comprised teeth cannot be harvested.

Procedure for Extraction of Stem Cells in Teeth

Like any other medical procedures, the process is systematic and thorough. It mainly involves the following steps:

  1. Once we at our west hollywood dental office have recommended removal of a tooth or a child’s tooth loosens, the first step is to decide whether you will store the cells or not. The decision should be made after consultations with your west hollywood dentist. Where the dentist is not widely involved in stem cell banking, you may consider registering with a credible entity such as StemSaveTM to facilitate safe removal and storage of the dental stem cells.
  2. The second step will involve planning for an appointment with your dentist at West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care. The arrangement should be backed up with consent from the patient or parents/guardians in the case of minors. The advantage of using a credible entity such as StemSaveTM is that they offer personalized services. For instance, they will provide essential equipment and kit such as recovery and transportation kit.
  3. During the actual procedure, the dental surgeon will examine the tooth for any infection. It should be carried out in a sterile environment.
  4. Antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash are administered one hour before the actual extraction.
  5. The extraction is done carefully to avoid accidental breaking of the crown. The pulp is retrieved either by sterile barbed broach or cutting the tooth using a diamond disc. A coolant is used to avoid to the pulp.
  6. The pulp is cultured to yield colonies of other stem cells. The process is done with maximum care to avoid contamination of extracted teeth.
  7. At the laboratory, cells inside the teeth are removed to assess whether they are viable for storage. There are two standard methods of storage namely cryopreservation or magnetic freezing with the former being used by StemSaveTM. Regular monitoring is done to ensure they remain viable until they are needed.

Benefits of Storing Stem Cells in Los Angeles, CA

At its most basic premise, regenerative medicine is being used to replace, repair, or enhance the functionality of various parts of our body that were affected by a disease, injury, aging, or congenital disorders. Stem cells are different from other human body cells owing to their regenerative and specialized abilities. If stored properly, they hold the key to helping you or a family member to heal and restore damaged parts such as the bones and cartilages. Some of the benefits of storing dental stem cells include:

  • They are compatible with the entire family member and can be used in the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • They are a remedy to unforeseen organ need amongst the household members.
  • Having stored stem cells for private purposes reduces the risks of communicable diseases associated with the use of donated cells.

It is now apparent that besides our medical savings and insurance covers, stem cell banking is a vital element in our endeavors for healthy living. Saving some few micrograms of cells could not only save some dollars in your account but also your life or a loved one. As you plan to save for your children’s future, you may also need to consider keeping some stem cells for a life of unprecedented wellness.

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