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2020 Alternatives to Dentures-Dental Implants

dental implants

2020 Alternatives to Dentures-Dental Implants

You may think the only option is dentures when you are missing some or all of your teeth. However, with affordable dental implants cost in Los Angeles, you have a variety of options. With these affordable possibilities, you can now search for the best replacement plan for your unique situation.

What are dental implants?

Tooth decay, injury, and periodontal disease can cause tooth loss. For a long time, bridges and dentures were the only choices for the millions of Americans who suffer from this condition. However, Beverly Hills dental implants specialists provide you with a wide array of opportunities to replace missing teeth.

One of these selections is a dental implant. Dental implants replace the roots of the missing teeth. These replaced roots provide a stable and firm foundation for your replacement teeth. One of the best features of these replacement teeth is they will match your natural teeth, so dental implants are an option when you are missing one or more teeth.

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What are the types of implants

Beverly Hills dental implants specialists say endosteal and subperiosteal are the two main types of dental implants. An endosteal dental implant is placed into the jawbone. It is made from titanium typically and looks similar to a screw. Most West Hollywood dentists describe this type of implant as the most popular.

A subperiosteal implant is under the gumline, but not connected to the jawbone. They rest on top or above the jawbone, which makes them an excellent choice for those who do not have the jawbone to hold an endosteal implant.

If you have a natural jawbone that cannot support dental implants, Bruce Vafa DDS recommends one of three options. The first choice is to undergo bone augmentation. Bone augmentation helps to restore or regenerate the bone in the jaw by adding bone. Bone additives and growth factors provide the best results for this option.

Another selection is to have a sinus lift, which is also referred to as sinus augmentation. This procedure adds bone under the sinus cavity. This bone helps to provide support when the natural bone has deteriorated because you are missing your upper back teeth.

Finally, West Hollywood dentists may suggest a ridge expansion if your jaw is not wide enough to handle the dental implants. The dentist will create a small ridge along the top of your jaw. After the creation of this space, the dentist will add bone graft material as support.

What are some alternatives to dentures?

The alternatives to dentures much depend upon your jawbone’s condition as well as your particular needs. In the past, dental implants required a multi-step procedure. Besides this process, Bruce Vafa DDS can offer you a variety of treatment options based on your specific needs and jawbone health. These options include full dental implants, mini dental implants (MDIs), immediate load dental implants, four implants, six implants, and tooth-supported overdentures.


The full dental implant is what most dentists call the tradition type of implant. This option starts with a metal stud (implant) inside the jaw bone. This stud secures the tooth-covered crown that is above the gum line. The full dental implant gives you an excellent aesthetic result similar to your natural teeth.

This procedure requires sufficient bone levels to ensure the proper amount of support. Without adequate bone levels, this option is not appropriate for you. Bruce Vafa DDS will conduct a thorough medical history review to ensure the best success rate for any of these procedures.


The mini dental implants are called small or narrow diameter implants. They are as big around as a toothpick, which significantly smaller than a typical implant. These implants stabilize a lower denture making it less likely to shift. The procedure to place these mini implants are less invasive than other techniques making it an excellent choice for those who prefer not to have surgery.

Immediate Load

These implants are also called same-day implants or Teeth in a Day. This implant allows the dentist to place a temporary tooth during the same visit as dental implant placement.

This option is fabulous for those who do not need natural bone replacement. The implant must be secure enough to handle the immediate placement of the tooth. It also must be strong enough to control the pressure placed on the temporary tooth.


Your dentist will spread the four implants across the arch. These four implants will allow your dentures to sit firmly without shifting. If your situation can handle the four dental implants option, you have great odds because it has a success rate of 99%.


The six dental implant option also uses an arch to help support replacement teeth. Unlike the four dental implant option, six implants allow the dentist to spread the implants further. This space gives you a better distribution of pressure on the new teeth. With both the six and four implant options, you must have the appropriate bone levels and health for success.


With dental implants cost in Los Angeles, the tooth-support overdentures are a cost-effective tooth replacement option. However, if you are missing all of your teeth, this option is not a good match.

Your healthy teeth support this dental appliance and allow you to preserve the bone levels in your jaw. It attaches to your healthy teeth and gives you the sensation of chewing and talking with your natural teeth. For this to be an option for you, the supporting teeth must be strong and healthy enough to support the device.

Why dental implants?

With the wide variety of solutions for missing teeth, you may wonder why chose dental implants. Dental implants offer a variety of benefits that other selections do not. With dental implants, your appearance and speech will improve. If you have poorly fitting dentures, they can shift while you are talking. This shifting can cause embarrassment and ruin your self-confidence.

You can regain your self-esteem when you realize that your teeth will not slip. This fact will allow you to talk without hesitation. Your smile will return, and you will feel great about letting people know how happy you are.

Another excellent advantage of dental implants is you are comfortable. With removable dentures, you can experience trapped food and other discomforts. Dental implants are similar your natural teeth which means you fell natural. They also fuse with your jaw bone and become permanent.

Dental implants can also help support oral health. When your dentist inserts a dental implant, he or she does not have to reduce other teeth. A tooth-supported bridge requires a dentist to reduce supporting teeth.

The top two advantages to dental implants are durability and convenience. If you take care of your implants, they can last a lifetime where dentures will probably need replacing. The convenience of dental implants means you never have to use messy adhesives again.

Every dental implant case is different, so it is vital to consider all of your options. With the available alternatives to dentures, you have a wide array of choices. If you need more information about these options or you are ready to have dental implant surgery, call Dr. Vaja today for a free dental evaluation.