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24×7 Emergency Dentistry in Los Angeles – OPEN NOW!

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24×7 Emergency Dentistry in Los Angeles – OPEN NOW!

There are a wide range of reasons as to why you might require emergency services from a family dentist in Los Angeles. The emergency dentistry that we offer here at West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care is aimed at making sure that the needs of our patients are always taken care of. Whether a tooth has fallen out or a sharp pain has developed around your mouth, there are certain medical issues that must be treated immediately. The 24/7 emergency dentistry that is available in Los Angeles applies to nights, weekends, and even holidays, which means that you’ll always have access to the dental care you require.

The emergency dentistry services that we offer here can effectively treat such dental issues as abscesses, toothaches, and lost teeth. You should also look into these services if one or more of your teeth have become cracked or chipped. It’s important to understand that waiting to receive dental care could worsen the issue that you’re suffering from. If you’re unsure of whether or not you require this type of dentistry, all you’ll need to do is give us the details of your dental issue while scheduling your appointment on the phone. With this information, we can determine if emergency dentistry is absolutely essential.

Cost of Emergency Dentistry

How much emergency dentistry cost? The costs associated with emergency dentistry depend primarily on the type of dental issue that’s being corrected. Keep in mind that the costs of your treatment will invariably increase if more than one tooth has been adversely affected. Some of the more common forms of emergency dentistry include extractions, root canals, and having cavities filled. If one of your teeth has recently become infected, it’s likely that you will require a root canal treatment. If you don’t receive treatment for this infection quickly, it’s possible that the infection will spread to any nearby areas, which can create problems with your overall health.

For this type of procedure, the costs that you will need to pay depend on which type of tooth has been affected. For instance, a root canal for a front tooth will usually cost anywhere from $750-$950. The treatment of a bicuspid ranges in price from $800-$1,000 in most cases. The most expensive tooth to apply a root canal treatment to is a molar, which will likely cost you around $1,000-$1,250. If your tooth has become severely damaged because of a crack or some other problem, it’s possible that you will need to have the tooth extracted altogether. While this procedure is rather simplistic, it can be costly in certain situations. An emergency tooth extraction will likely cost around $100-$300. However, these costs can increase substantially if the area needs to be numbed with anesthesia. When anesthesia is required, the tooth extraction could be priced at $300-$600. When you schedule an emergency dental appointment with our family dentist, we’ll be able to tell you the costs before the treatment occurs.

In the event that you require the filling of a cavity, the amount that you pay depends on the exact type of filling material you select. A standard amalgam filling will cost upwards of $100-$200 with each filling. If the filling is made from a resin-composite material, the costs per filling would be around $150-$250. Among the more expensive emergency dental procedures is the provision of a dental crown, which is a type of treatment that’s designed to cover discolored or broken teeth. Dental crowns are typically provided over a couple of treatment sessions, which means that it may not apply as emergency dentistry. However, it’s always possible that you could begin this treatment during your emergency appointment for some other dental issue. If you are interested in a porcelain crown, these typically cost anywhere from $1,250-$1,500. Metal crowns have a similar cost to them, while bonded crowns are the cheaper alternative at $1,000-$1,100.

Emergency Dentistry for Kids

Emergency dentistry for kids can be applied for any oral pain that your child is experiencing. These dental services can also treat other dental problems in your child that could worsen over time. Our emergency dentists here at West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care have the training and experience necessary to provide younger children with treatments that are appropriate to their age and will keep the rest of their unaffected teeth in good condition.

When you select our emergency dentistry services for your child, our dentists will also make sure that any pain your child is currently experiencing is reduced or eliminated altogether during the treatment. There are a wide range of emergency dentistry treatments that are applicable to kids, which include

  • Tooth removal
  • Dental infection treatment
  • Treatment for toothaches
  • Pain reduction for wisdom tooth discomfort
  • Treatment for discomfort caused by orthodontic wires or brackets

Emergency Dentistry for Adults

When you’re an adult, there are a wide range of dental issues that could require the provision of emergency dental services. While your teeth should be strong and in good condition if you’ve taken care of them, there are numerous accidents and injuries that could cause damage to a once-healthy tooth. Seeking emergency dentistry after sustaining an injury to the mouth can help you avoid going to the emergency room at a hospital, which may also allow you to save some money.

Accidents that cause teeth to become damaged could occur for any number of reasons. Whether you’ve been in a car accident that caused a tooth to be knocked out or were injured while playing sports, the emergency dentistry services offered at our family dentist facilities will be able to repair the issue before it worsens. If a tooth has been knocked out completely, make sure that you handle it with care and bring it with you to your dental appointment.

Emergency Dentistry for Seniors

As a person ages, the health of their teeth will invariably worsen even if proper dental care is maintained. Our emergency dental services are also available for seniors and can be administered for any number of dental issues. For instance, it’s possible that you could be experiencing a problem with the quality of your dentures. If your dentures have become broken or damaged in some way, our emergency dentistry services can correct this problem. You might also need to obtain a root canal.

Among the more common dental problems that seniors go through is an infection in one or of the teeth. Before this infection spreads to other teeth, it’s highly recommended that the issue is promptly looked at and treated with care. When you contact our offices in Los Angeles, we’ll be able to help you determine if your dental problem requires emergency dentistry.

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