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Better Clear Choice Alternatives

Better Clear Choice Alternatives

Regular dental examinations and treatments significantly affect one’s general health. Holistic Smile Care adopts a holistic view. It considers how your dental health, as well as the anatomy of your mouth, influences your full body. Nonetheless, most dentists merely treat your teeth. Read on to discover Clear Choice Alternatives.

Why Choose Holistic Smile Care in West Hollywood for Dental Implants Instead of Clear Choice

It’s important to know why Clear Choice dental implants might not be the best solution for your situation. If that’s the case, you may need to explore other Clear Choice Alternatives.

Unlike standard implants, Clear Choice implants take time to show improvements. This may not be suitable if you are looking for prompt and efficient results. Furthermore, Clear Choice is not possible if you lack sufficient natural jawbone. The jawbone is for sustaining dental implants without undergoing a bone augmentation treatment.
Still, the cost of this type of implant is comparable to that of regular implants. A single implant goes up to $6,000 and a whole set of dental implants totals approximately $40,000. The expense and the absence of bone grafting treatments make this tooth-replacement technique less desirable among most patients.

If Clear Choice is not the ideal option for you, many other Clear Choice Alternatives are available. You have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to dental implants. Conventional dental implant techniques might be prohibitively expensive for too many people.
Those needing a cost-effective, high-quality option in West Hollywood should turn to Holistic Smile Care for their oral health care needs.

What Are the Types of Implants?

Dental implants are used to replace tooth roots. These artificially implanted roots offer a strong basis for the replacement teeth. Endosteal and subperiosteal are the two primary kinds of dental implants. In the jawbone, the endosteal dental implant is implanted, and it is often made of titanium and resembles a screw. The endosteal dental implant kind is the most common.

Subperiosteal implants are situated beneath the gum line and are not attached to your jawbone. They lie on top of or above your jawbone. This makes them a great option for people who lack sufficient jawbone to support an endosteal implant.

If the natural jawbone is incapable of supporting dental implants, you have some other options. The preferred option is bone augmentation which aids in the restoration or regeneration of jawbone by adding bone. Bone supplements or growth factors yield the greatest outcomes for this strategy. A sinus lift, also known as sinus augmentation, is the recommended procedure. This technique augments the bone beneath the sinus cavity. The bone offers support if the native bone has degenerated due to the absence of upper posterior teeth.

If the jaw is too narrow to accommodate dental implants, your West Hollywood dentist may also recommend ridge expansion. A little ridge will be created along your jaw’s top by the dentist. After creating this gap, the dentist must support it using bone graft material.

What Are Some Alternatives to Dentures?

The alternatives for dentures largely depend on the state of the jawbone and your unique requirements. Dental implants needed a multistep technique earlier. In addition to this procedure, you have a number of therapy alternatives based on your individual needs or jawbone health. These Clear Choice Alternatives include full dental, mini dental, immediate load dental, four, six, and overdentures supported by dental implants.

Full: Most dentists refer to the full dental type as the traditional form of implant. This approach involves implanting a metal screw into the jawbone.
The stud holds the tooth-covered cap just above the gum line in place. Full dental implants provide a cosmetic outcome comparable to that of natural teeth.
This treatment requires adequate bone density to provide adequate support. Without sufficient bone density, this solution is not suitable for you. Your dentist will comprehensively assess the patient’s medical history to guarantee the highest success rate for all these techniques.

Mini: Mini dental implants are sometimes referred to as small and narrow diameter implants. The implants are the size of a toothpick, which is considerably smaller than a standard implant. The implants support a lower denture, preventing it from shifting. The placement of the mini-implants is less intrusive than other procedures. That makes it a good option for individuals who would rather avoid surgery.

Immediate Load: They are also known as same-day implants and sometimes Teeth in a Day implants. The implant enables the dentist to insert an artificial tooth in the same appointment as placing a dental implant.

This is an excellent alternative for patients who do not require natural bone replacement. This implant must be strong enough to support the tooth’s insertion instantly. It should also withstand the pressure exerted on the artificial tooth.

Four: The dentist will place four implants throughout the arch of your tooth. The four implants should secure the dentures without allowing them to move. If your condition is suitable for four dental implants, then there is an excellent chance of success. The procedure has a 99% success rate.

Six: In addition to the arch, replacement teeth are supported by six dental implants. However, unlike the four-implant alternative, six implants enable the dentist to distribute the implants more evenly. This gap improves the stress distribution on the developing teeth. The six implants, along with the four implant solutions, require adequate bone density and health for efficacy.

Overdentures: A single Clear Choice implant can cost up to $6,000. A whole set of dental implants can cost approximately $40,000. Therefore, tooth-supporting overdentures are an affordable tooth replacement alternative in Los Angeles, given the high cost of dental implants. It’s not a smart choice if you’re missing a whole set of teeth.
This dental device is supported by your healthy teeth, allowing you to maintain bone levels in the jaw. Using this device, you may eat and speak as if using your teeth. For it to be a solution for you, the teeth supporting the device should be healthy and fit enough.

Why Dental Implants?

There are so many Clear Choice Alternatives for replacing lost teeth. Hence, you might be perplexed as to why you should go for dental implants from Holistic Smile Care. There are many advantages to dental implants that other options do not have. Dental implants will enhance your look and speech. Dentures that don’t fit properly might move about when you’re talking. Your self-esteem will suffer as a result of this change.

When you understand that your set of teeth will not fall out, you will reclaim your self-confidence. You will be able to speak freely because of this. You’ll be able to smile again and feel fantastic about letting others know how delighted you are. The fact that dental implants make you more at ease is yet another wonderful benefit. It is possible to get food stuck in your removable dentures, as well as other discomforts. As they resemble your actual teeth, dental implants will make you feel at ease. Also, they form a permanent part of your jawbone.

Additionally, dental implants will aid in the maintenance of good oral hygiene. A dental implant does not necessitate the removal of existing teeth when your dentist fits it. A dentist must decrease the supporting teeth for a tooth-supported bridge.

In terms of longevity and convenience, dental implants have the upper hand. When cared for properly, implants will last a lifetime, unlike dentures, which would need to be replaced eventually. Dental implants eliminate the need for unpleasant adhesives. As every dental implant situation is unique, weighing your alternatives is critical.


If Clear Choice implants are not the best option for your dental implant needs, several other Clear Choice Alternatives are always available, as mentioned above. The outcomes and costs of each of these treatments differ.
For so many patients, the price of Clear Choice implants is unaffordable. The quantity of implants needed and the position of the teeth you will need to correct all have a role in the cost. Holistic Smile Care in West Hollywood offers Clear Choice Alternatives with same-day results at lesser rates if traditional dental implant solutions aren’t a good fit for your needs.

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