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How does botox in dentistry work in pain management

How does botox in dentistry work in pain management

What is Botox treatment

When most people hear anything about Botox, they think of cosmetic surgery. This is where the procedure temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles and remove all wrinkles, thus leaving the patient looking younger than ever. That, however, is not the only use of Botox.

Botox also treats hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), an overactive bladder, the lazy eye, and pain management. In this article, we shall focus on Botox treatment for pain.

The injections of the neurotoxin work to alleviate the pain by relaxing the tense muscles. Botox pain management and West Hollywood botox treatment can deal with conditions like jaw pain, chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, muscle spasms, migraines, tension headaches, arthritis, and nerve pain among others.
Here at Smile Angels, we use Botox for pain management treatment in dentistry. Many of our clients from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are among the beneficiaries of our botox treatment for pain. In fact, many of our procedures are currently utilizing the many applications of botox in dentistry.

Botox and pain management in dentistry

Botox injections use botulinum toxin produced by a bacteria known as Clostridium Botulinum. In small-diluted amounts, we inject botox into the muscle area to relieve pain. Once it is in the blood stream, it blocks some nerve signals that control muscle activity like contractions, thereby causing temporary muscle paralysis.

Botox pain management treatment in dentistry

Here are various conditions that we use Botox to treat in dentistry:

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

This is an inflammation, discomfort, or irritation that occurs in the hinge joints found at the sides of your skull just in front of the ears. These joints may sometimes become inflamed due to stress, arthritis, bite disorders, jaw injury, or teeth grinding. The characteristics of the disorder include:

  • Muscles spasm and tension
  • Jaw pain
  • Facial pain and swelling
  • Migraines
  • A pop sound when you move the jaws
  • Lock jaw
  • Extreme difficulty in eating, yawning, or talking

TMJ treatment via botox
Our holistic dentist in West Hollywood uses botox in combination with orthodontics, oral surgery, and oral appliances to minimize the muscle spasms and ease the jaw tension.


This is a tooth grinding and jaw-clenching condition that is a side effect of TMJ disorder. The unique thing with Bruxismis that it occurs at night while one is asleep or during the day when the patient encounters any stressful moment. This condition has the following characteristics:

  • Migraines
  • Facial swelling
  • Tight jaw and facial muscles
  • Tender jaw and facial muscles
  • Damaged dental fillings if any
  • Broken molars
  • Chronic jaw pain

We treat this painful condition with Botox in a similar way as TMJ treatment via botox. It involves injecting botox to reduce the migraines and relax the tensed jaw muscles to reduce the pain.

Other areas in dentistry that Botox can help

High lip lines

This condition occurs when you smile and your lips pull back and reveal a large majority of gum above your teeth. Our holistic dentist in West Hollywood uses botox in surgery to lower the lip and give you the smile you always desire. The neurotoxin also works to relieve any pain you may feel after the surgery.

Adjusting to new dentures

When one gets new dentures, they feel a lot of discomfort and facial pain for a while. Botox helps to reduce the pain and makes you adjust to the new dentures easily and faster.

Benefits of Botox treatment in pain management in dentistry

Pain relief

The neurotoxin will work to relieve pain after an oral procedure at the dentist by relaxing the oral muscles involved.

Safe and effective

Long-term therapy with botox for pain relief is effective and it actually works. The pain eventually fades away since we administer the neurotoxin frequently in low dosages.

Focused treatment

Unlike most painkillers that relieve general pain in the body, the neurotoxin focuses on a specific area where the pain is actually coming from.

Fast acting

When the neurotoxin hits the blood stream, the effects are almost immediate. This assures you of immediate pain relief unlike other alternatives that force you to endure the pain a little longer.

Quick to administer

The great thing about our Los Angeles Botox treatment is that it utilizes a pain relief substance that we simply administer it to you by injection. It gets into your system immediately. Shortly thereafter, your pain disappears.

Long lasting effects

After using the neurotoxin for pain or cosmetic reasons, the effects last for up to 4 months before you need another dose. Another one of the benefits of botox treatment is that patients actually go pain free for four months or so. That is fantastic!
If you are in need of this West Hollywood Botox Treatment, visit us in Los Angeles and encounter some of our greatest experts like Bruce Vafa DDS.
Bruce Vafa DDS. is among the best holistic dentists in Beverly Hills with many accomplishments in children’s dentistry since 1989. Committed to ensuring you get the best smile possible, Dr. Bruce Vafa uses high tech dentistry to achieve the best painless results possible for you.
You can also visit our facility to meet the rest of our team of experts. We are all dedicated to serving you and helping you regain your confidence in a painless way.
Go ahead and get our Smile Angels of Price at only 15$ per unit. Note, however, that you must first call our center Smile Angels of Beverly Hills at (310)201-9001 to book your complimentary cosmetic dentist consultation. Before we sign up a client in our West Hollywood botox treatment, we first conduct several assessments on the client. For instance, we will carry out a treatment evaluation so that we can decide how many units of botox you may require, depending on your condition.
Our Los Angeles Botox treatment is all about making you pain free and boosting your confidence with the most alluring smile possible!

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