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Guide for Patients about Same Day Dental Implants West Hollywood

Guide for Patients about Same Day Dental Implants West Hollywood

It may sound impossible, but you can now get new teeth in one day. The procedure is popularly known as same day dental implants West Hollywood, which may be what you need if you are in a hurry to get a replacement for broken teeth.

When you choose to have same day dental implants in Los Angeles, it can mean that you have damaged teeth, particularly in the front area and they can no longer be restored. With the help of this procedure, which is sometimes also called an implant crown, you can get a highly aesthetic solution that can efficiently avoid the preparation of the adjacent teeth.

In truth, the traditional method can take up to one year to complete since it involves the following steps:

  • Getting rid of the existing root or tooth and waiting for the extraction socket to heal, which can take four to six months
  • Implants will be inserted into the patient’s jaw bone, and the surgery (called osseointegration) can take up to six months to heal
  • A dental crown can later be attached to the implant after the healing period is completed

If you are in a hurry to get replacements for your lost or damaged teeth, the extended waiting period mentioned above can be upsetting. The good news is that you no longer have to wait, thanks to same day dental implants in Los Angeles.

The demands of the patients these days have won, which is why immediate gratification is provided through same day dental implants West Hollywood. As a result, this type of procedure allows the placement of implants after the extraction process. It will then be followed by loading the crown right away.

Getting same day dental implants in Los Angeles has become more common than ever. The implant, along with the temporary crown, can be placed after 48 hours from the surgical procedure. They will remain in their positions throughout the healing period.

Can You Get Teeth in One Day?

Unfortunately, not everyone can qualify for same day dental implants West Hollywood. There are cases in which patients are not allowed to get an implant through this method. There is a screening process that takes place, and it is essential that it involves a thorough system that will thoroughly check the background and the health of the patient before the procedure takes place.

Some factors that can negatively impact the implants are smoking and bruxism. As much as possible, dentists choose patients who are in good health, both in their oral and dental wellbeing. Some drugs can impact the implants, including bisphosphonates, which can increase the chances of bone death after the surgery.

Individuals who have an autoimmune disease, as well as those who are sick or have impaired immunity, may not be allowed to go through the treatment since these conditions can reduce the body’s capability to heal.

Meanwhile, if you are permitted to have teeth in one day, you should understand that commitment to good oral hygiene is important.

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