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What to do About Loose Dentures

What to do About Loose Dentures

You have most likely heard dentures referred to as false teeth. If your teeth have been extracted or fallen out, your West Hollywood cosmetic dentist may have recommended dentures as a replacement for your natural teeth. This is because dentures enable you to speak and eat much more easily with no impediment. Your holistic dentist in West Hollywood will make certain your dentures have a secure fit, but loose dentures are a possibility.

If your dentures become loose, they will not work the way they are meant to. There are a variety of reasons for your loose dentures including bone absorption. This can happen because your gums are not holding your teeth in the correct place anymore resulting in gum shrinkage. Another possible cause of your loose dentures is wear and tear. If you take proper care of your dentures, you can help prevent this from happening. You should remove your dentures every night before you go to sleep.

Loose dentures can also result from damage when you bite down or chew hard foods. Your dentures cost in Los Angeles is dependent on your specific needs and you may or may not be a good candidate. Your best solution is to talk with your dentist to determine if dentures are a good solution and your cost.

How to Fix Loose Dentures

When you have loose dentures, there are several different ways your holistic dentist in West Hollywood can proceed. Keep in mind your dentist made your dentures just for your mouth. This means you should have the ideal fit without needing to use an adhesive. If you have loose dentures, schedule an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. Until then, you can try using a strong denture adhesive. A good adhesive will help hold your dentures in place to help stop them from moving around.

Before you decide which adhesive to purchase, look at the ingredients. Try to avoid any adhesive containing zinc since this can result in health issues. If your daily diet is already rich in zinc, this is extremely important. When you see your dentist, adjustments can be made to ensure a perfect fit within your mouth. If your dentist determines you have bone resorption taking place at a fast rate, frequent visits will be necessary for adjustments.

You have another option for loose dentures called soft relining. You will only need to be at the office of your West Hollywood cosmetic dentist for a short time. Your dentist will re-mold your denture’s inner lining. This is accomplished when your dentist cleans your loose dentures and adds polymer. Once your dentures are back in your mouth they will take shape and provide you with a more secure fit. This option can last for months or even years depending on the severity of your loose dentures.

Another option for your loose dentures is hard relining. This is both similar and different from your previous option. Your dentist will send your dentures to a laboratory where your tray is permanently reshaped using hard denture plastic. Although your fit will have more durability, you will need to allow additional time and this procedure is fairly expensive. You will not have dentures for a few days since they will be at the lab and this may be an inconvenience for you.

If loose dentures have been a consistent issue, a good option is to ask your dentist about new dentures cost in Los Angeles. You may not realize incorrectly fitting or loose dentures can result in health issues for both the near and distant future. Friction at your gumline is created by loose dentures. This may begin as a minor issue, but eventually you may suffer from sores resulting from the chronic inflammation caused by the shifting plastic.

If you do not have your dentures taken care of properly, the result can be painful. For this reason, you should contact your holistic dentist in West Hollywood as soon as you realize your dentures have become loose. Your dentist will fix the issue as fast as possible.

Disadvantages of Dentures

If you have lost the majority of your teeth, dentures are an economical solution. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages when you wear traditional dentures including:

• Your dentures may shift continuously in your mouth and can potentially cause mouth sores

• You may experience difficulty talking or eating while wearing dentures

• If you have loose dentures, you may need to rely on dental adhesives

• You are taking a risk your dentures might fall out at any time

• You must remove your dentures every night to soak them overnight in a denture solution

Dental Implants are Best Alternative to Dentures

One of the best alternatives to using adhesive or having your loose dentures adjusted is to ask your dentist about implant-supported dentures or overdentures. Your dentist will also explain dental implants cost in Los Angeles. Your dentures will be removable because dental implants are able to anchor them to your jawbone. Dental implants are titanium posts your dentist fuses to your jawbone to keep your artificial teeth secure.

Dental implants are best alternative to dentures since your titanium posts are similar to the roots of your teeth and stimulate bone growth. Dentures will decrease your bone density. Implant-supported dentures are available in two types, ball-retained and bar-retained. Your dentist will be happy to discuss dental implants cost in Los Angeles for both types. Ball-retained dentures require all of your implants to have a metal attachment fitting securely into your dentures.

For bar-retained dentures, you will have a thin metal bar wrapping around your jawline. Your bar is attached using clips to between two and five implants. Think of your implant-supported dentures as a cross between implants and dentures. When your dentures are installed, you will need to have four to six implants be attached to your jawbone with titanium screws. You will need to allow time for your implants to fuse with your jawbone. You will need three to six months to complete this process.

Once your implants have completely fused with your jaw, your dentist will attach a unique set of dentures. You will quickly discover there are a lot of advantages to this type of denture including:

• Your loose dentures become an issue of the past

• Your implants will stimulate your gums to help stop the loss of bone tissue

• There is no need for you to visit your dentist for adjustments

• Your dentures will have a natural look and feel

• You can start enjoying all of your favorite foods again

• Taking proper care of your new dentures is the same as when you had natural teeth

Unfortunately, you may not be a good candidate for dental implants. Your dentist will need to perform an exam to make certain you have enough healthy jawbone to make dental implants possible.

The Bottom Line

If you catch issues with your dentures quickly, they are generally simple to repair and maintain. If you are interested in dental implants, talk to your dentist to find out if they are a good choice for your specific needs. As your West Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist, we want to make certain you have access to the best dental care available in Los Angeles. Call us today so we can schedule your consultation.

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