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Why Go to West Hollywood Holistic & Cosmetic Dental Care

Why Go to West Hollywood Holistic & Cosmetic Dental Care

Regular dental exams and treatments play a big role in your overall wellbeing. While many dentists focus on only treating your teeth, we take a holistic approach that involves paying attention to how your oral health and the structure of your mouth affects your entire body. While our philosophy just makes sense given our commitment to following research-based practices for dental care, it has also gained us the distinction of being awarded by the West Hollywood mayor for being the best dental clinic in our entire region. As if that’s not reason enough to visit our office, you can read on to learn more about what sets our holistic dental practice apart from the rest.

Reduce the Toxic Chemical Load In Your Body
Traditional dentistry uses materials in their treatments that are known for being toxic. For instance, amalgam, or metal, fillings are often used by dentists because they are stronger than other options. For years, these were the go-to filling material, but we now know more about the effects that this material can have on the body. Over time, old metal fillings begin to break down and leak toxic chemicals into your body. This is one of the reasons why we may suggest having them replaced with safer composite materials.

Our holistic approach also involves using biocompatible materials whenever it is possible, and we take steps to reduce the amount of chemicals that enter your body when they are unavoidable. For instance, we can help you decide if fluoride treatments are necessary, and we can help you explore alternatives to root canal treatments if you have concerns about the sterilization chemicals that must be used.

Discover Natural Pain Relief Techniques
We also take the viewpoint that your mental health affects healing. For this reason, we use natural pain relief techniques that are effective for helping you to stay comfortable without relying upon large amounts of pain medication. Massage, music therapy and temperature-controlled compresses are a few pain relief strategies that we may offer to combat the need for anesthetics when this is your preference.

Learn How Your Diet Affects Your Oral Health
At our office, we do not just drill and fill teeth. Instead, we aim to educate you about how you can prevent cavities and gum disease. During your visits, we will talk to you about what foods you should eat to build up your teeth and the things you may need to avoid to prevent acid erosion and decay.

Improve Your Overall Physical Wellbeing
We now know today that there is a link between your oral health and your risk for developing certain health conditions. For instance, increased plaque accumulation and gum infections raise your risk for heart disease. We always keep this in mind as we perform your treatments so that your body is just as healthy as your smile.

Holistic dental care aims to improve your health by reducing toxins in your body along with educating you on the best practices for oral health care. When you visit our office, be sure to mention if you prefer a holistic approach so that you can benefit from our award-winning practices.

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