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I Don’t Have Dental Insurance. What Shall I Do?

I Don’t Have Dental Insurance. What Shall I Do?

In today’s economy, many people lack dental insurance, which is why we price our services competitively. Whether you are an entrepreneur or work for a company that does not offer this benefit, you do not have to despair about the cost of dental care. Today, you have several different options for making your dental exams, cleanings and treatments affordable, and you can use this guide to get started with planning how to pay for your care.

Understand What Insurance Actually Covers

Dental insurance is an asset for those who have it, but you should know that it typically does not cover all of the costs associated with treatment. For instance, dental insurance typically covers the majority of the costs associated with preventative care, but it may not cover but a small portion of more intensive treatments such as a root canal. Insurance companies also tend to issue guidelines that influence your options for treatment. For instance, they may only cover metal fillings, which leaves you still needing to pay for your treatment out-of-pocket if composite ones are more desirable. This is why many people still need dental financing even when they have a dental insurance policy.

Recognize the Costs Associated With Delaying Dental Care

You also need to understand that tooth decay and gum disease are progressive, and the costs associated with their treatment tends to rise as time goes on. While you may not feel like you can afford to pay for several fillings today, the truth is that you could wind up having to pay far more for your treatment if these progress to the point of requiring an extraction or root canal. As a general rule, taking care of new oral health issues early helps to reduce the overall cost of your dental care in the future.

Take Advantage of Free Consultations

We know that anxiety about paying for your care could cause you to avoid coming in to our office. This is why we offer consultations that let you leave with a treatment plan in hand without paying any upfront costs. During your consultation, we can also talk to you about ways to phase your treatment so that you can pay for each part of your care as you go.

Apply for Dental Financing

We also offer you the option of applying for Care Credit Card. These dental financing options allow you to set up a low monthly payment plan for your procedures that is easier to fit into your budget than one large lump sum. In most cases, you can simply apply online and receive an answer almost immediately regarding your application so that you can move forward with your treatments. Click Here for more information on our Dental financing options in Los Angeles, CA.

Never let a lack of dental insurance affect your long-term oral health. We’ve got tons of options to make your care affordable so be sure to let us know if cost is a concern for you at your next visit.

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