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Latest Dental Technologies

West Hollywood Holistic Dentistry

Some of the most basic dental care involves fixing decay. Although many people believe that small cavities are no cause for concern, they actually may threaten the entire structure of teeth. Uncovering cavities while they are minor prevents large problems down the road. By using state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to detect these types of problems while keeping our patients as comfortable as possible. Thanks to DIAGNOdent and our other advanced equipment, a patient's dental examination is always pleasant and eventful.

  • Epic Diode Laser
  • Dentin Grinder
  • Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner
  • Acclaim Intraoral Camera
  • DIAGNOdent

Epic Diode Laser

Besides teeth, an individual must care for his or her gums. Gingivitis can cause redness and irritation in this area of the mouth. If gum problems are not treated, tooth loss may result. The Epic 10 Diode Laser targets and cleans away bacteria that builds at or below the gum line. Also, the laser provides relief from oro-facial pain, including TMJ, mouth sores, and other discomfort that results from oral surgery. This tool delivers effective tooth-whitening as well.

Dentin Grinder

There are times when dental bone grafting is necessary. Many times, it is used to create a stable place for implants. This process is not always easy, but the Smart Dentin Grinder make things simpler. Human dentin is the top standard for grafting. Since it contains similar bone properties, encourages assimilation inside the body, and involves a patient’s own teeth, grafting this substance with this tool is safe and successful. The Smart Dentin Grinder saves time, which means less office visits for patients. By using this piece of equipment, bone regeneration occurs six weeks faster and is less costly than conventional procedures.

Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner

This scanner produces rapid images inside of a patient's mouth. Thanks to its two high-speed cameras, strong light, and mapping software, highly-detailed images result. These can be enlarged and rotated so that a dentist can gain valuable information about pressure and grinding in a person's mouth. Pressure and grinding can damage enamel and can cause jaw problems and headaches. This advanced scanning method identifies potential grinding issues so that a solution can be applied.

Acclaim Intraoral Camera

Acclaim's Intraoral Camera delivers the most clear, sharp, and real-life color images possible. The portable device is simple to handle, is easy to move from room to room, and integrates well into any dental practice. The device can be operated with one hand so that fumbles and hassles with focusing are never issues.

Benefits of DIAGNOdent Technology

Thanks to the advanced technology, DIAGNOdent makes it possible to detect areas of decay early. Also, it is comfortable for a patient and does not require x-rays. A person's cavities are caught early, which means that fillings do not have to be deep. Teeth are preserved and monitored on a regular basis.

The special laser diode inspects teeth by comparing a reflective wavelength against a baseline wavelength. A patient's entire mouth is checked. Every spot and groove is covered. Each time the laser meets a surface that is different from the healthy baseline, a dental professional knows that a problem exists. It can be fixed quickly and easily.

West Hollywood Holistic Dental Care

At West Hollywood Holistic Dental Care, your smile is important to us. We use the latest and greatest technological equipment to make each visit comfortable and to detect issues early. Small problems are easily identified and treated so that you preserve a healthy mouth. For a consultation, call us today.

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