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Monthly Archives: December

Tuberosity Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

A tuberosity may form as the bony protrusion behind the final molar in the upper jaw erupts. This is usually covered by your gum. Tuberosity reductions will make the protrusion smaller. Why Get a Tuberosity Reduction Many people get a tuberosity treatment in Los Angeles, CA. While some people who have all their teeth will

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Tooth Extraction Costs in Los Angeles, CA

Tooth extraction cost in Los Angeles range between $50 to $800 per tooth. If you are experiencing significant issues with your teeth and need to have a tooth removed, you may wonder about the cost of tooth extraction in Los AngelesTooth Extraction Costs in Los Angeles, CA. Ultimately, this is a good decision for long-term

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Step-by-Step Guide to Porcelain Veneer Procedure

Are you thinking about getting dental veneers in West Hollywood and how they will work for you? One of the first things that people notice is your smile. If you had perfect teeth, what would people think about your smile? To know if you should get dental veneers, it is important to understand how they

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Keep Your Teeth White and Bright for the Holidays

There’s nothing as beautiful and engaging as a bright, white smile. Yet white teeth can lose their bright luster if not maintained well, especially if the owner of that smile likes to enjoy teeth-staining treats like tea, coffee, red wine or dark fruit juice. All of these enjoyable items can darken teeth, but the good

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