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What are Invisalign Cleaning Crystals?

Invisalign is a specific type of orthodontic treatment available at your Los Angeles holistic dentist. Bruce Vafa DDS. often uses Invisalign to straighten and realign teeth without the need for traditional metal braces. For your treatment, you wear custom-made plastic aligners. Your clear aligners shift your teeth into the correct positions. To make certain you

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What are the Best Denture Adhesives in the Market?

When your dentures are made correctly, only a small layer is necessary to ensure you feel comfortable. If you need to use large amounts, contact Bruce Vafa DDS, your Los Angeles holistic dentist because there is an issue. We are often asked which types of denture adhesives are the best, so we have listed them

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Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth, and you wonder whether to get a bridge or a dental implant? Having an empty gap may result in infection, but you can always get a tooth replacement after extraction. Replacing a missing tooth enhances your smile and your overall health. So, what is the difference between a dental

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What to Do When a Root Canal Fails

Your dentist may determine the need for a root canal when you’re experiencing frequent pain, sensitivity, or tingling sensations. After an x-ray examination, the root of your tooth may reveal severe deterioration. Root canals are performed to treat the damaged root and leave the tooth structure intact. It is a cosmetically-appealing solution, but it often

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What to do About Throbbing Tooth Pain

Throbbing tooth pain can be caused by many factors. You certainly want to find a solution as soon as possible and get some relief. This article will explore some possible causes of tooth pain and what you can do about it. Defining Tooth Pain A toothache is an indication that you have tooth damage or

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An Overview About False Teeth: What to Know

False teeth are also called dentures and they are not only for the elderly. Anyone who is missing teeth may need to use this type of prosthesis. They are fitted with precision to fit comfortably over your gums to replace one, a few, or all of your teeth. You’ll see them made of metal, nylon,

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Ways to Straighten my teeth in 2021

Having an impeccable smile is something that a lot of people strive for. Most individuals consider straightening their teeth to enhance their appearance; however, crooked teeth may result in oral health issues. At Holistic Smile Care in West Hollywood, we offer the best ways to straighten your teeth in 2021 and any other alignment problems.

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What are Snap-In Dentures?

If you have lost all of your teeth following a dental condition or injury, snap-in dentures might be the best option if you want to have a tooth replacement. Snap-in dentures are more versatile and stable, unlike traditional dentures, which can slip out of place. Dental screws or implants rest inside the jaw, holding your

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dentin Grinder

Dentin Grinder

Currently, any teeth that get extracted and have bacterial plaques are clinical waste, in other terms, and they get disposed of in medicinal bio-hazard bags. Even if the largest part of the tooth structure is dentin (a feature similar to the composition of cortical bone), the dentists have not routinely employed it as a bone

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