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Dental Implants

The Truth behind $399 Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the most significant dental advancements throughout the twentieth century. Dental implants are a remarkable innovation in dentistry over the past several decades, allowing you to have your missing or missing teeth replaced without the need to wear dentures. Teeth are frequently damaged during accidents, due to decay, periodontal diseases, aging, incorrect

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Dentures Vs. Implants

Tooth loss is a common occurrence in the US. Recent data shows that more than 26% of adults have no teeth at all. Further, around 36 million have lost all their teeth. The bad news is that this trend will increase over the next couple of years. Tooth loss occurs due to gum disease, injury,

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How Much Does Dental Bone Grafting Cost?

Dental bone grafting cost varies depending on a few factors. It depends on the severity of your jawbone condition and the experience of your doctor. For a single implant area, you should expect to pay anything between $ 300 and $ 800. The complexity of your bone grafting procedure and the material used will also

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dental implants candidate

Who Is Best Qualified to Do Dental Implants

Have you been looking for a West Hollywood dentist to help with your smile? Sometimes, teeth get lost. Whether it’s from old age or an accident, dental implants could be a great option. Dental implants help fill in those gaps. Plus, they do more than just look good. They’ll also protect your mouth. That way,

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Dental Implants

Are Dental Implants Safe? A New Look

Though incredible advancements are taking place regularly in the dentistry field, thousands and thousands of people in West Hollywood still suffer from various dental problems. Tooth, injury, decay, and periodontal disease are major concerns in our communities since they can cause tooth loss and other teeth and gum problems. For many years now, the dental

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Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth, and you wonder whether to get a bridge or a dental implant? Having an empty gap may result in infection, but you can always get a tooth replacement after extraction. Replacing a missing tooth enhances your smile and your overall health. So, what is the difference between a dental

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dental implants life span

Dental Implants Healing Time

When considering a dental implant, there may be some trepidation. Many people are afraid of the dentist because they don’t want to be in pain. You may be experiencing this fear as well. Even if you do manage to find yourself sitting in the dentist’s chair, you may be wondering how long does it take

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Bone Graft Dental Implants

Dental Bone Graft Failure: Everything You Need to Know

Bone grafting is the process of transplanting material to replace a portion of your bone. In terms of dentistry, they are often used after tooth extraction. That way, you are not left with a hole in your precious smile. Do You Have a Bone Graft When You Have an Implant?: Generally speaking, the answer would

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