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Monthly Archives: March

Veneers West Hollywood

Flawless Smiles using Veneers

If your smile is less than perfect, it might cause problems in your life. It might seem silly to some, but there’s nothing silly about lacking self-confidence because your smile is imperfect. It’s not vain, and it’s not embarrassing. West Hollywood veneers dental professionals know that many people simply don’t like their smile because it’s

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dental crown west hollywood

Do I Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal?

Once you’ve found a dentist for the best root canal in West Hollywood CA, it’s important that you consider whether or not you’ll need a dental crown once the West Hollywood root canal has been completed. Even the best root canal in West Hollywood CA doesn’t guarantee that you won’t need to have a dental

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tooth extraction west hollywood ca

Root Canal VS. Extraction, What You Need to Know

When you believe that the root of your tooth has become damaged or you’ve had this area checked out by a dentist, there are two options open to you, those of a West Hollywood root canal or a complete tooth extraction. A root canal is often the preferred option by our patients here at West

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