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A Complete Guide to OZONE DENTAL THERAPY in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles dental ozone therapy

A Complete Guide to OZONE DENTAL THERAPY in Los Angeles, CA

Ozone dental therapy has been gaining steam for some time in places like Los Angeles due to its effectiveness and how minimally invasive it is. It gives you a smile you’ll love to show off to the world.

As popular as this procedure has become, there are still people who do not fully understand it or have a few questions about it. The following guide will help you understand this type of holistic dentistry.

How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

The first thing you may want to know is what this procedure is and what it is meant to accomplish. The goal of this procedure is to disinfect the mouth and prevent harmful bacteria from making a home in your mouth.

Some people may be thinking, “isn’t that the goal with most dental procedures?” You are right, but this type of therapy takes things to a new level by introducing ozone gas into the oral cavity, which changes the chemistry. Ozone is negatively charged, which means it will attract infections in the mouth or inflammation. Once the bacteria or inflammation is exposed to the ozone gas, it dies.

Furthermore, this gas alters the pH levels in your mouth, which ends up neutralizing acidity. The reason you want this chemical reaction in your mouth is because it actually makes your mouth less friendly to bacteria. It will become a lot harder for bacteria to flourish in your mouth with this change, making this ozone therapy invaluable.

Now, you know this form of oxygen changes the pH value in your mouth and all that, but the reason these ozone molecules are so effective against bacteria is because they are unstable.

Exposing your mouth to unstable molecules may seem a little risky, but that actually makes them special. The molecules released through ozone therapy are O3 molecules that want to turn into O2 molecules. They are desperately trying to rid themselves of one of their oxygen molecules, which is why they begin to kill and remove bacteria in your mouth.

The altered chemistry in your mouth also promotes rapid remineralization, which is good news for those who want quick tooth repair.

People living in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or surrounding areas now have an easy way to prevent major dental issues.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

It is clear that there are a number of benefits of using this type of procedure, but there are others worth pointing out:

Minor Tooth Decay

The ozone procedure emits oxygen you can find in one of the layers of the earth’s atmosphere. Its negative charge is directed to areas of the tooth that are affected by tooth decay.

This charge is quite deadly to bacteria, which ends up killing them within a few seconds. A study saw this procedure kill as much as 99 percent of the bacteria in the mouth. The oral specialist only needs to apply a remineralization substance onto the affected area to help your tooth regain lost minerals. Repair is possible but only when the damage is minor.

No Oral Discomfort

Dealing with cavities or tooth decay without this procedure can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Still, it is something that needs to be done to ensure you’re able to keep your affected tooth.

An oral specialist has to drill the damaged regions to remove the decay and attempt to restore the tooth using composite filling or by other means. Clearly, a treatment like that will likely be unpleasant, and now you have an option because this procedure does not require drills or any other invasive procedures to help deal with decay.

Addresses Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is something that many people have. The fear does make sense; an oral specialist has to use all sorts of tools to deal with an oral problem, like needles, drills, and other scary tools. The tools are not the only thing that make people scared of the dentist. Some people fear the sounds while others fear pain.

Thankfully, ozone dental therapy can help address some of these fears because the tools used for this procedure are not as scary or invasive. This makes it a great choice for children and adults who are a little scared of the dentist. People who have this fear sometimes neglect dental visits, even if they live close to their oral specialist in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills.

Neglecting your dentist can increase your risk of developing cavities or other oral problems. For those wondering, this procedure is painless. Those who get this procedure early enough may never need to experience the drill, making it vital that you visit your dentist as soon as you can.

It may not be something you want to hear, but untreated oral issues are a real problem that may be exasperated by fear of the dentist.

Ozone therapy along with many others, such as sedative dentistry, could really make a difference in the way oral care is perceived. This could change things for the better and improve overall oral health in the country and the world.

No Recovery Time

Another thing that sets this type of holistic dentistry apart from old fashion dentistry is a treatment won’t cause too many side-effects; in fact, you probably won’t experience any. You know the treatment does not require some of the more invasive procedures involved in dental work, which can be painful and usually requires strong sedatives.

Sometimes, a patient has to be driven home after a procedure. Some individuals have to heal for weeks by reducing the intake of certain foods because the procedure was that shocking to certain areas. This is something you do not have to worry about with ozone therapy.

There is no recovery time. All you need to do is have the procedure with a trained professional and go on your merry way. Most people do not love the idea of feeling the side-effects of sedatives for hours or missing work because a procedure was invasive. This type of holistic dentistry is definitely a win you’ll probably want to take advantage of.

Save Money

Cavities, dental decay, infections, and gum disease can be costly. Of course, these issues put your teeth at risk, but they can also represent a significant financial investment.

Repairing damage to your teeth and gums does not come easy and is sometimes time-consuming. This is especially true for treatments that are more involved, like a root canal. Ozone therapy is something that can be used to address issues early on in order to prevent these types of problems from escalating. In essence, this could become a part of your preventative care routine, which is meant to keep you healthy and can be more cost effective in the long run.

It should be pointed out that the procedure is not too expensive because it is not as involved as other invasive procedures. Ozone therapy may not be able to address every oral issue, especially the severe ones, but it can still save you money. Saving a little on oral care is smart, and it helps make oral care much more convenient.

Is Ozone Therapy Truly Safe?

Just like any other new procedure, people wonder if this particular treatment is safe. There is nothing wrong with wondering what this procedure could do to you, and the truth is it is safe.

The idea of introducing this gas through ozone therapy may sound a little questionable simply because it is new, but ozone therapy has been used in many dental treatments so far.

People with mild tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and other issues have been able to use ozone therapy without many side-effects. The procedure has been used in more ways than you can imagine.

For one, some oral specialists have used it to ward off bacteria during root canal treatments. This procedure could expose patients to bacteria, so using ozone therapy to reduce the chances of infection is wise.

Closer Look at the Ozone Application

Clearly, ozone therapy is doing a lot of good for the dental profession. In essence, it has revolutionized what can be done within the field, and who knows what else may happen?

The procedure has no known side-effects, and it seems to be quite effective, especially when dealing with minor oral issues. Still, some of you may be wondering what the application involves.

A lot of people know what ozone is, but knowing what it is does not mean you understand it fully. Ozone therapy produces ozone molecules that are introduced in specific places. The reason this is safe and effective is because the human body already uses it.

Yes, the molecule is produced in your body by white-cells. As you know, white cells are a part of your body’s defense system, and they actually use ozone molecules to kill microorganisms. The only difference here is that ozone therapy super-focuses those molecules and targets specific areas in your mouth.

Perhaps one reason ozone therapy is not considered harmful is because these molecule simply do not harm human cells.

Now, you know more about dental ozone therapy and how much good it can do for you and your overall oral health. You and your family can benefit from this type of therapy, so consider it, or at least talk to your oral specialist about how ozone therapy can be helpful to your specific needs.

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