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Can a Dentist Fix TMJ

12% of US residents experience TMJ disorder at some point in life. The temporomandibular is a joint that connects your jaws to the skull. It enables mouth movements like yawning, chewing, and talking. If you develop issues that affect the jaw bone’s functionality, you might end up with TMJ disorder. Unfortunately only 5% to 10%

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Pain After Braces

Have you had dental braces? If so, did your teeth get sore after the adjustment period was over? You are not alone. This is a common problem that many people who have braces experience. Braces pain can be frustrating, especially for a child or teenager who is not used to pain. This pain can start

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cracked teeth treatment Los Angeles

Cracked Teeth Causes and Treatment

Getting a cracked tooth is one of the most painful things you can experience. It’s so bad that it has been dubbed “the worst pain imaginable.” Cracked teeth fall into two categories: Cracked tooth syndrome, also called a “fractured tooth” or “traumatic dental fracture,” results from a sudden impact on the teeth, which can break

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happy holidays

Happy New Year! New Year Resolutions for Your Teeth!

with 2022 almost here,  you may have already started to think about your new year resolutions. Why not consider your oral health and smile as one of your 2022 resolutions? Here are few ideas for a healthier oral health in 2022: Brush Regularly, at least 3 times per day Floss regularly, at least 2 times

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What Causes Dental Crown Tooth Pain and How to Treat It

A dental crown refers to a cap fixed at the top of your damaged tooth. The crown is aimed at protecting your damaged teeth. In addition, it helps to restore the tooth’s size, shape and appearance. According to Forbes, while some toothaches are temporary and will resolve independently, more severe cases need to be treated

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Oral Diseases, Symptoms, and Treatments

Oral health is essential to general health and hygiene. Most common oral diseases include tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Other diseases such as oral cancer can also plague the mouth, but fortunately, most of these conditions are very treatable and manageable if diagnosed early enough. In this article, we will explore the common

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Dentures Vs. Implants

Tooth loss is a common occurrence in the US. Recent data shows that more than 26% of adults have no teeth at all. Further, around 36 million have lost all their teeth. The bad news is that this trend will increase over the next couple of years. Tooth loss occurs due to gum disease, injury,

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Does Tooth Extraction Hurt?

As a patient that wants to visit a dentist, hearing the words ‘teeth extraction’ can be terrifying. You may require a tooth extraction if you have a problematic wisdom tooth, extensive tooth decay, severely fractured tooth, or tooth trauma. Most patients want to recognize the discomfort caused by tooth extraction. Luckily, today’s tooth extraction is

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