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Dental Implant Surgery in 2020

When adults lose teeth, West Hollywood dentists typically use dental implants to replace these teeth. Dental implants are embedded into the jaw and look and feel like natural teeth. A dental implant will also help preserve the mouth’s structure by holding teeth in their correct positions. Because dental implant technology evolves quickly, a patient looking

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dental implants

2020 Alternatives to Dentures-Dental Implants

You may think the only option is dentures when you are missing some or all of your teeth. However, with affordable dental implants cost in Los Angeles, you have a variety of options. With these affordable possibilities, you can now search for the best replacement plan for your unique situation. What are dental implants? Tooth

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Dental Implants

Dental Implant Treatment near Los Angeles, CA

Dental Implants are metal screws that are embedded into the existing bone of the dental arch to replace missing teeth. The top portion of the implant is visible and looks like a real tooth. It attaches to the embedded screw to securely hold the tooth in position. Another form of implantology is to replace a

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dental implants life span

How Long Can Dental Implants Last

The Longevity of Dental Implants Wondering How Long Dental Implants Last? Dental implants are a remarkable way to preserve your beautiful smile and maintain your dental health. But before you have them put in, you are likely to have some questions. How long can an implant last? Are dental implants safe? Here, we will answer

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happy family with healthy teeth

Your Teeth Life Stages

Our health begins in our mouths. We pass food through our mouths and into the digestive tract. From there, vital nutrients are absorbed and sent to the body parts that need them. Our teeth begin this process when we chew our food. The teeth are made of enamel or the hard outside material of teeth,

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woman with tooth pain

What causes pain on my lower front teeth?

Tooth pain affects millions of people every day and can be incredibly disturbing and discomforting. However, there’s good news: In most cases, a high-quality dentist can figure out what is causing your tooth pain and work with you to find a way to cure it. There are many common reasons why your lower front teeth

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TMJ treatment options

TMJ Facts you didn’t know

Have you ever experienced sharp pain in your neck and jaw? How about waking up with sore muscles in your face and jaw? You might have TMJ, or temporomandibular joint syndrome. What is TMJ? TMJ is a condition involving the temporomandibular joint in your jaw. This joint acts as a hinge connecting your skull to

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Dental Plaque and Tartar

What are Dental Plaque and Tartar

Plaque And Tartar: Bad For Your Teeth And Bad For Your Health If you notice that your smile isn’t as bright as it once was or if your teeth and mouth don’t feel clean, even after brushing, then you may need your teeth cleaned. Holistic Smile Care provides dental cleaning in Los Angeles that will

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tooth pain management

What Causes Tooth Pain After Eating?

Tooth pain can become a nuisance, especially if it is triggered by eating. As irritating as this throbbing pain can be, tooth pain is usually a sign of more serious issues with the tooth in question and is a symptom of a variety of other conditions. If you are feeling tooth pain consistently after each

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