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Monthly Archives: July

Better Clear Choice Alternatives

Regular dental examinations and treatments significantly affect one’s general health. Holistic Smile Care adopts a holistic view. It considers how your dental health, as well as the anatomy of your mouth, influences your full body. Nonetheless, most dentists merely treat your teeth. Read on to discover Clear Choice Alternatives. Why Choose Holistic Smile Care in

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TMJ treatment options

Treating TMJ using Botox in Los Angeles

What Are Temporomandibular Joint Disorders? Temporomandibular joint disorders, or TMJ, are a malfunction of the joint or joints that connect the jawbone to the skull and the malfunctions can range from mildly annoying to a complete inability to use the jaw. There’s one joint on either side of the jaw, and they’re called the temporomandibular

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Zirconia Dental Implants Los Angeles

Everything you need to know before choosing Zirconia Implants

You’ll need to visit a holistic dentist near me when you lose a tooth. Particularly, you’ll need a dental implant, which West Hollywood Dentist can do seamlessly. Usually, dental implants comprise synthetic tooth roots that link the false tooth crown to your jaw. Zirconia dental implants have become a popular option. However, if you need

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Overdentures vs Implants

Implants are the replacement for lost teeth that are anchored into your jawbone. They allow you to have a healthy smile once again and can even improve your health and quality of life! On the other hand, overdentures are just false sets of teeth that slide over the top of your gums. Overdentures may seem

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