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General Dentistry

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in Los Angeles

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to grow in an adult’s mouth – they usually emerge between the late teen years and the early twenties. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common surgical procedures carried out by dentists and oral surgeons all over the country. The procedure involves the extraction of

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root canal specialist beverly hills

5 Most Common Oral Diseases

Oral health is essential for your overall health and general wellbeing. Poor oral health affects your mouth, but it can have detrimental effects on your heart and lead to deadly diseases like cancer. According to the World Health Organization, more than 3.5 billion people around the globe suffer from oral diseases. There is no need

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Clicking Jaw and TMD

A clicking jaw – also known as jaw popping – is a condition affecting at least 10 million people worldwide. If you suffer from this condition, you will feel clicking or popping when you close or open your mouth. In addition, you may experience some painful sensations in your jaw. For some cases, jaw popping

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The Best Denture Adhesives

What options do I have for the strongest denture adhesives? The correct answer to that question depends on your situation. Sometimes, it can be pretty uncomfortable to chew food with dentures, especially when acidic food slips into the soft gum tissues. In this situation, denture adhesives will add stability to the dentures to make chewing

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Sensitive Teeth Treatment Options

If highly acidic substances, sweets and hot or cold liquids cause sudden and sharp pain, you have sensitive teeth. This can result from lifestyle habits, side effects of a dental condition and harsh products. The most common treatments recommended by your Los Angeles holistic dentist for minor sensitivity include: • Crowns • Veneers • Implants

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crowded teeth treatment

What are Crowded Teeth?

You may have heard crowded teeth referred to as dental crowding or overcrowding. This happens when your mouth does not have enough space for your teeth to grown in properly. This is a type of malocclusion resulting in overlapping and crooked teeth. Depending on the number of teeth in your mouth and the size of

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underbite treatment

Types of Underbites and Treatment Options

An underbite is an orthodontic malocclusion that happens when your lower jaw is shoved or pushed forward. When a bite is normal, your lower teeth are slightly overlapped by your front teeth. If Bruce Vafa DDS. determines the position of your jaw and lower teeth are in front of your jaw and upper teeth, it

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What Are My Options To Straighten My Teeth in 2021?

Once you have decided to change your smile, you may be concerned about how much time it will take. When aligning and straightening your teeth, Bruce Vafa DDS. considers a lot of different factors. Your teeth are unique and a complete examination is necessary to determine your options. Once you have received an exam at

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implant supported dentures

What is the Best Way to Clean Dentures?

Unfortunately, many new patients at our Los Angeles holistic dentist believe once they have dentures, all worry regarding their teeth ceases to exist. Since dentures can hide microorganisms and stains, this is a myth. You need to keep your dentures clean for appearance and your long-term health. Dirty dentures have often harmful risks. Bruce Vafa

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What are the Best Denture Adhesives in the Market?

When your dentures are made correctly, only a small layer is necessary to ensure you feel comfortable. If you need to use large amounts, contact Bruce Vafa DDS, your Los Angeles holistic dentist because there is an issue. We are often asked which types of denture adhesives are the best, so we have listed them

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