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What are Invisalign Cleaning Crystals?

Invisalign is a specific type of orthodontic treatment available at your Los Angeles holistic dentist. Bruce Vafa DDS. often uses Invisalign to straighten and realign teeth without the need for traditional metal braces. For your treatment, you wear custom-made plastic aligners. Your clear aligners shift your teeth into the correct positions. To make certain you

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Is it Safe to Go to the Dentist During Coronavirus

At the beginning of the pandemic, many doctors and dentists’ offices closed because their care was considered non-urgent. However, as the pandemic has continued to rage on, some dentists have found it suitable to reopen their offices. You may be asking if it is safe to go to the dentist. Healthcare Safety Guidelines Germs are

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How does botox in dentistry work in pain management

What is Botox treatment When most people hear anything about Botox, they think of cosmetic surgery. This is where the procedure temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles and remove all wrinkles, thus leaving the patient looking younger than ever. That, however, is not the only use of Botox. Botox also treats hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), an overactive

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Bone Graft Dental Implants

How Long Is the Dental Implant Recovery Process?

Dental Implant Recovery Process is usually 6 to 9 months. A dental implant is a tooth replacement that gets mounted in your jawbone using a titanium rod. A crown is placed on the titanium implant, filling the gap left by the missing tooth. Dental implants are becoming the most common placement option for teeth that have

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How Long Does It Take to Get Dental Implants?

Are you planning on going for a dental implant surgery any time soon? And, are you wondering how long does a dental implant take? Well, you are not alone. This surgery is a welcome alternative to any bridgework or dentures. Plus, it is most appropriate when you have weak or damaged roots, unable to support

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Should I Visit the Dentist during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has affected every aspect of life in America. Medical care and visiting the dentist are no different. In the opening weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, all dental offices required their doors to be closed. As the pandemic has continued, safety procedures have been put in place and dentists are once again providing care to

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TMJ treatment options

Treating TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) using Botox

What Are Temporomandibular Joint Disorders? Temporomandibular joint disorders, or TMJ, are a malfunction of the joint or joints that connect the jawbone to the skull and the malfunctions can range from mildly annoying to a complete inability to use the jaw. There’s one joint on either side of the jaw, and they’re called the temporomandibular

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Why Would Someone Qualify for Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

There’s a common misconception that bad teeth and illegal drug use go hand in hand, but that’s not always the case. Our office compassionately serves patients whose challenges range from cosmetic deformities to advanced gum disease. Full mouth reconstruction revitalizes a mouth that’s meant to smile. Bruce Vafa specializes in complete smile makeovers to address

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How to Handle Not Having Teeth

Tooth loss is no laughing matter. That’s because it’s something that has impacted countless people since the beginning of time. People lose their teeth for all sorts of diverse reasons. That’s the reason it can help people to learn about all sorts of missing teeth treatment options. If you want to explore missing teeth treatment

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dental implants Los Angeles

Dental Implant Surgery in 2020

When adults lose teeth, West Hollywood dentists typically use dental implants to replace these teeth. Dental implants are embedded into the jaw and look and feel like natural teeth. A dental implant will also help preserve the mouth’s structure by holding teeth in their correct positions. Because dental implant technology evolves quickly, a patient looking

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