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Monthly Archives: February

Are Dental Implants A Permanent Solution For Tooth Loss?

The successful development of dental implants is one of the momentous technological advancements in modern dentistry, adequately providing a glamorous and satisfying solution for those with missing teeth. Created precisely to remain an extremely long time, implants are admirably worth the considerable expense, offering the patient worry-free peace of mind over their smile for decades.

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What’s Better A Dental Implant or Partial Dentures?

Considering Dental Implants? Did you know statistics express that approximately 70% of American adults aged 35-44 years suffer at least one missing tooth due to periodontic disease, bone decay, dental fissures or accidents. These unfortunate events need not leave you toothless all your life. There are alternatives to accepting what life has pitched you. Amidst

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gum disease treatment West Hollywood

Is It Possible To Reverse Gum Disease Or Cure It?

When it comes to the body, it’s very forgiving. Your body was designed to repair itself efficiently with best practices and good nutrition. One of the best practices is prevention. When it comes to our teeth, treating any disease early on will work out effectively for our smile. Periodontal (gum) disease affects about 50 percent

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I Don’t Have Dental Insurance. What Shall I Do?

In today’s economy, many people lack dental insurance, which is why we price our services competitively. Whether you are an entrepreneur or work for a company that does not offer this benefit, you do not have to despair about the cost of dental care. Today, you have several different options for making your dental exams,

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