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Overbite treatment

Benefits of Underbite or Overbite Correction

A beautiful smile is one of the primary benefits of this procedure. There’s nothing more eye-catching than a natural smile that radiates warmth and confidence. However, in addition to cosmetic improvement, underbite and overbite correction help you maintain good dental health. Bite correction, in essence, aligns the jaw to create an even, balanced bite that

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overbite and underbite treatment

Overbite and Underbite Treatment in West Hollywood

Do you have misaligned teeth? Are you considering Overbite and Underbite Treatment in Los Angeles? Overbite and underbite correction are some of the most common problems we encounter. Our West Hollywood full mouth reconstruction dentist offers a non-surgical approach that will correct your bite and leave you with a beautiful smile. A great smile is

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west hollywood color braces

How much Dental Braces Cost in Los Angeles

Dental Braces could cost as low as $3000, or as much as $20,000 depending on where and what kinds of braces you choose, color braces, invisalign, traditional braces, etc,. It’s best to call your West Hollywood dentist and ask for a complimentary dental consultation or free second opinion! so why hesitate call us now. Determining

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