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Everything you need to know before choosing Zirconia Implants

Zirconia Dental Implants Los Angeles

Everything you need to know before choosing Zirconia Implants

You’ll need to visit a holistic dentist near me when you lose a tooth. Particularly, you’ll need a dental implant, which West Hollywood Dentist can do seamlessly. Usually, dental implants comprise synthetic tooth roots that link the false tooth crown to your jaw.

Zirconia dental implants have become a popular option. However, if you need one, you must rely on holistic dentistry in Los Angeles. They are non titanium dental implants, which are made of Zirconia and oxygen. Zirconia is a strong ceramic material that doesn’t trigger chemical reactions, thus making it the ideal alternative to titanium.

If you’re looking for zirconia dental implants near me in Los Angeles, you can always rely on West Hollywood Dentist to get the job done. Here’s all you need to know about holistic dentistry in Los Angeles – specifically, zirconia dental implants near me in Los Angeles.

Zirconia VS Titanium Dental Implants

Dental implants made of titanium have been around for a long time. But despite their success rate, Zirconia implants have proved more innovative. The non titanium dental implants have unique properties that titanium lacks. Besides, they’re white, making them look better, especially when you smile.

West Hollywood Dentist will ensure to explain the benefits of zirconia dental implants. Additionally, holistic dentistry in Los Angeles entails informing you of the disadvantages of zirconia dental implants. We do this to ensure you choose accordingly.

Advantages of Zirconia Dental implants

Here are notable advantages of zirconia dental implants.

Zirconia is corrosion-proof

Amongst the notable advantages of zirconia dental implants is that the material is corrosion-resistant. The material is bioinert. Therefore, it cannot migrate to your other body parts. That’s why a holistic dentist near me will prefer zirconia over titanium implants. The latter corrode.

Zirconia is hypoallergenic

We’ve often received complaints from some people who received titanium dental implants. They claim they develop sensitivity or allergies after the procedure, whereby they feel itchy or have inflammation. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue you have to worry about zirconia implants. The material is naturally hypoallergenic. You will not develop any side effects or lose your implants over time.

The implants are sturdy

Our dentists prefer zirconia dental implants because of their strength. The material is durable and inflexible under pressure. So, even when you eat, the implants can withstand the strength of your jaws. This aspect makes zirconia dental implants ideal for people of all ages.

They help with plaque buildup

Among the benefits of zirconia dental implants is that they help with plaque buildup. The implants have a smooth finish; therefore, plaque will have difficulty holding on. That notwithstanding, zirconia features a non-polar structure, which bacteria can’t adhere to. With these implants, you’ll have better oral hygiene.

They integrate well with the bone

If you get zirconia dental implants near me in Los Angeles, you can rest easy knowing they’ll bond with your bones. These implants easily integrate with the bone, resulting in minimal complications. Consequently, these implants don’t affect the soft tissue around them.

They don’t have a metallic taste

Among the benefits of zirconia dental implants is that they don’t leave you with a metallic taste. The material is made of ceramic, so it’s non-corrosive. Unlike titanium implants, ceramic ones don’t leave your mouth with a metallic aftertaste.

Faster healing time

Since zirconia is a non-metal, it will not conduct heat. As a result, the implants make it easier on your gums, hastening the healing time.

They have an aesthetic appearance

Another reason we prefer using zirconia implants is because of their aesthetic advantage. Zirconia is white, giving your teeth an impressive appearance. Usually, titanium or silver implants discolor your gums. To avoid this effect, we use zirconia implants.


Zirconia dental implants are quite comfortable. The procedure takes a relatively shorter time compared to other methods. Besides, the strength and biocompatibility of zirconia help guarantee your comfort.

They have no micro gaps

Traditional implant procedures, such as titanium implants, could leave micro gaps after the procedure. However, with zirconia dental implants, we use a one-piece design. And that means that the surgery doesn’t leave any more gaps. Zirconia also provides a more seamless surgical procedure because they’re non titanium dental implants.

Cleaner implantation

Titanium dental implants are placed underneath your gum line, whereas zirconia dental implants are put on your gum line. By placing them above your gum, we help you maintain your implant cleaner. Similarly, this placement promotes healthy surrounding gum tissue.

Disadvantages of Zirconia Dental Implants

Although we highly recommend zirconia implants, they have their downsides. Here are the main disadvantages of zirconia implants.

Lack of elasticity

One of the downsides to zirconia implants is that they lack elasticity. This issue is mainly associated with using zirconia or ceramic crowns.

Few dentists offer them

Unfortunately, fewer dentists handle zirconia implants. Therefore, if you need zirconia dental implants near me in Los Angeles, you may have to do in-depth research. Luckily, West Hollywood Dentist has proficient experts that can handle the procedure.

They have low-temperature degradation

Among the notable disadvantages of zirconia dental implants is their low-temperature degradation. However, this occurs as your implants age. How is this a significant drawback? It could cause the mechanical properties of your implants to degrade.

They need a load-free healing time

If you go for a single-piece dental implant, it will require a load-free healing time. Sometimes, however, this proves a little tricky to attain in normal clinical situations. Moreover, when we do a single-piece dental implant, we have limited options for abutment angulation.

There’s limited research on zirconia implants

Although we handle zirconia implants, the procedure is relatively new. As a result, there aren’t significant clinical studies describing these implants’ long-term viability and success. That’s why you will find other dentists preferring titanium implants.

How Much Do Zirconia Dental Implants Cost?

One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is, how much do zirconia dental implants cost? First, you need to know that every dentist prices their services and products distinctively. Overall, the cost of Zirconia Dental Implants in Los Angeles and West Holly wood is 4950. This is what we offer at our dental practice in West Hollywood.

How Safe Are Zirconia Dental Implants?

After answering the question how much do zirconia dental implants cost, we need to dive into their safety. Generally, zirconia dental implants are safe. Notably, they comprise non-allergic and non-corrosive properties that make them safer than other implant materials. We prefer using it more because titanium can corrode in your mouth, resulting in further complications.

How Do the Implants Look in Your Mouth?

Zirconia dental implants have a very impressive look. The implants are white plus non-metallic. That means they’ll fit in your mouth perfectly, giving you a perfect smile. Their natural aesthetic makes them look like your real teeth.


Zirconia dental implants have become a popular option. As a result, we have adopted them in our dental procedures. The implants act as a suitable substitute for the commonly used titanium implants. Zirconia works great because it is made of non-corrosive material.

The implants also have an aesthetic appeal, considering that they’re white. They’re also great for people with allergic reactions to metals surgically infused in their bodies. Zirconia dental implants are hypoallergenic. But you must look for a holistic dentist near me to get it done right.

Would you like to book the zirconia dental implant procedure in Los Angeles? Contact West Hollywood Dentist today for a consultation!

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