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Special Dental Financing Los Angeles and West Hollywood

Special Dental Financing Los Angeles and West Hollywood

If you are in need of West Hollywood dental financing, we offer special financing terms that can save you a bundle on your dental care. Through the Care Credit card you are able to receive the services you require right away. You can set up an affordable low monthly payment plan that works with your budget.

How does Dental financing Los Angeles work?

The Care Credit Card provides a plan that allows cardholders to get competitive dental financing Los Angeles. By offering low interest rates and flexible low monthly payment terms, the Health Advantage Card provides an easy way to get to the doctor or dentist and avoid putting off important care. It also offers cardholders many benefits, including:

  • Special promotional offers
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Quick credit decision
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Online account and bill payment options

The online application for this convenient dental financing Los Angeles is quick and easy. Applicants must be over 18 and have a valid email address.

Procrastinating on dental care costs more in the long run

Putting off dental care always costs more in the long run. Receiving regular West Hollywood holistic & Cosmetic dental care keeps your teeth healthy and your smile bright. Like your vehicle, your teeth require routine maintenance.

We all know what happens when we don’t change our vehicle’s oil, replace its worn brake pads, and take it in for a checkup when the service-engine-soon light comes on. The dirty oil contaminates the system and burns away, forcing unlubricated parts to work against each other, resulting in repairs many times more expensive than an oil change. When you fail to replace worn brake pads, metal grinds against metal. In time, the brake shoes and rotors are destroyed, and a simple brake job is now a brake repair costing thousands of dollars. Ignoring the service engine soon light can mean you end up sitting on the side of the L.A. freeway calling a tow truck.

Unfortunately, many people neglect their dental health in a far worse way. They avoid dental checkups for years, even when signs of serious decay and diseases, like Gingivitis, become apparent. They practice poor oral hygiene. They accept correctable issues that ruin their smiles, such as missing or broken teeth, gaps, and yellowed teeth.

Like the neglectful car owner, they have set themselves up for serious, and expensive, trouble. When people neglect brushing and flossing, plaque builds up on their teeth. Plaque is the white, filmy substance that collects on tooth surfaces. Plaque carries bacteria that causes tooth decay and inflames the gums, leading to Gingivitis and Periodontitis. When plaque spreads, it also heightens the immune response in the mouth, which can lead to the destruction of the bones inside the mouth. Plaque then hardens into tartar. This white substance forms at the gum line. Tartar causes the gums to recede and teeth to fall out. When people fail to go to the dentist for a regular cleaning, tartar is not removed. This is because flossing and brushing at home are insufficient to remove tartar. Special tools at the dentist’s office are needed to fully remove tartar.

On top of tooth rot, bad breath also results from plaque and tartar buildup. Additionally, poor oral hygiene has been shown to contribute to a myriad of diseases, including pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and dementia. Those who neglect their dental health eventually find themselves with such severe dental problems that they have no choice but to undergo expensive dental treatments to save their teeth or correct gum disease. When they get treatment too late, they may lose some or all of their teeth and require dentures.

What are the signs of Gingivitis?

Inflammation of the gingiva, which are the gums around the teeth, causes Gingivitis. The swelling is accompanied by redness and irritation. Bleeding occurs, particularly while brushing or flossing.

Gums should be firm and pink. When Gingivitis takes hold, the gums become puffy and dusky red. Bad breath, along with gums becoming receding and tender, are common.

Risk factors include smoking, age, dry mouth, vitamin C deficiency, improperly placed dental restorations, immune deficiency diseases, such as HIV, and fungal conditions. Though these risk factors are important, the number one cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene and neglecting to visit the dentist. Gum disease is almost entirely preventable with the right dental care.

Gingivitis is diagnosed by your dentist through a review of your dental history, an oral exam, and measuring gum depth. X-rays detect bone loss that results from severe Gingivitis. Treatment includes a professional cleaning, better oral hygiene, and the refitting of any dental restorations that obstruct tooth cleaning.
Dental hygiene is important for the health of teeth and for overall optimal health. With routine dental care, it is possible for most people to keep their teeth shining bright for their entire lives. If you are experiencing gum disease or any other dental issue, see a dentist as soon as possible.

To help patients receive the West Hollywood dental financing they need, we offer flexible financing options that make it possible to receive the West Hollywood Holistic & Cosmetic Dental Care that keeps their teeth healthy and vibrant for years to come.

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