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Ever Wondered What a Smile Makeover Dentist Does?

West Hollywood Dentist

Ever Wondered What a Smile Makeover Dentist Does?

Find Out in These 5 Steps!

Do you dislike your smile? When you look in the mirror, do you feel deflated and discouraging because your smile makes you look older? Do you feel overwhelmed and you’re not sure what you can do to improve your smile?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it may be time to visit a “smile makeover” dentist. We’re a smile makeover west Hollywood dentist that is committed to making your smile the very best it can be. Here is what we can do for you when you visit us for your consultation:

  1. Step #1: Let Us Examine Your Tooth Health: The first thing you can expect from your smile makeover dentist is to get a full examination of your tooth health. We’ll look at your teeth, X-ray them, examine any tooth issues such as cracks, cavities and root canal deficiencies and immediately work out a treatment plan to get your smile back to a stable foundation. From there, we can work on the cosmetic issues that can instantly improve the look and feel of your teeth.
  2. Step #2: Decide on a Smile Makeover Treatment Plan: After we work on your tooth health, it’s time to start making your smile look aesthetically beautiful. There are many options based upon your tooth needs — including teeth whitening, veneers, Lumineers, dental implants and more. We’ll work with you to recommend a treatment plan that works for your cosmetic smile needs and with the financial resources you have available — and don’t worry because we have financing available for your treatment plan!
  3. Step #3: Get a Straight Smile Now: As you age your teeth move — sometimes moving behind one another and creating an unsightly tooth line when you smile. The good news it that no matter how misaligned your teeth are right now, we can get them into a straight line. For example, you may need braces or Invisalign. You also may be able to straighten your teeth with take-home retainers that we will switch out as your teeth straighten over time. Finally, after we align your teeth, we can install a permanent retainer on the back of your teeth that will keep them in place and prevent further movement as you age.
  4. Step #4: We’ve Got Many Take Home Options for Your Cosmetic Treatment Plan: One thing we love about being a smile makeover dentist is the flexible options we give you. Not all treatments have to be completed in the office. In fact, there are many cosmetic options that you can complete in the privacy of your own home — such as whitening your teeth with trays or strips. When you come to your consultation, let us know your preferences and we’ll be able to let you know whether there is a take-home option for your specific treatment.
  5. Step #5: Maintain Your Smile for the Future: Once you’ve got your fresh new smile, it’s time to show everyone you meet. Have fun and be confident! Enjoy your new look and don’t forget to maintain that beautiful smile. For example, if you’ve had your teeth whitened, you’ll want to avoid drinking too much red wine or coffee. If you’ve recently had a root canal or dental implants, then you’ll want to avoid crunching on hard times like ice or eating sticky foods like toffee and chewing gum at least for a little while! Do what you can to maintain your smile after you finish your treatment plan to make sure you keep your smile looking youthful!

Ready to Makeover YOUR Smile?

Is this your year to get a new smile? Do you want to feel more confident and ready to show your smile to the world? If your smile has been aging and you dislike the way you look, then it’s time to book your consultation with our smile makeover dentist. We want nothing more than to make you happy and confident again — and the best news is that there are many options to help you get there.

We can’t wait to work with you on the treatment plan that works the very best for your desired look and your budget. Call us today to get started with your new smile makeover!

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