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Broken Wisdom Tooth – what you must know

Broken Wisdom teeth

Broken Wisdom Tooth – what you must know

The wisdom teeth are the third molars located at the edge of the upper and lower teeth. The tooth usually sprouts at age 17 to 21 or later. Some of the problems associated with wisdom teeth include broken wisdom tooth, rotten wisdom tooth, impacted wisdom tooth and misaligned wisdom tooth. Misaligned wisdom tooth develops when the wisdom tooth erupts and grows in a crooked manner. If left untreated, the misaligned wisdom tooth problem can lead to bigger problems such as crowding and damage to the surrounding teeth, nerves and the jaw.

Impacted tooth is caused when a wisdom tooth fails to break through the gum line during the early growth stages. This normally happens when there is insufficient room to support a smooth eruption. Broken wisdom tooth or cracked tooth problem is common among teens and young adults age as these are the last permanent teeth to grow. The crack often develops as a result of tooth decay or poor growth. The other known causes of tooth cracking include: cyst buildup, crowding, illness and accidents. The cracks can easily cause excruciating wisdom tooth pain, especially if the connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves are inflamed or infected.

The symptoms of a painful or broken wisdom tooth

A cracked wisdom tooth can cause untold pain and suffering. The Wisdom tooth pain and irritation may be exacerbated when the tooth rubs against the checks or tongue. The problem can also be experienced if the tooth grows at an out of the ordinary angle. People with problematic wisdom teeth often experience the following signs and symptoms:

  • Throbbing wisdom tooth pain on the affected area, i.e. tooth, gum and jaw
  • Crowding
  • Redness and painful gums
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Skin warming to touch
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease or swelling of the flap
    Note: Tooth decay or gum disease can also arise if you do not take good care of your teeth.

Finding relief

As you wait for an appointment to have your broken wisdom teeth treated by the dentist, you can try the following steps to find relief against pain and swelling caused by a hole in wisdom tooth:

  • Place an ice pack on your cheek for sessions lasting about 20 minutes
  • Use warm salty water to rinse your mouth
  • Carefully floss between the cracked tooth in order to eliminate plaque and leftover food particles
  • Try Over-the-Counter medications like Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Ibuprofen. The doctor may recommend Aspirin for patients who are over 20 years.
  • Use OTC dental anesthetic like Anbesol and Orajel.

Remember to also stay away from the things that may worsen the pain such as:

  • Sugary beverages and foods to avoid irritating the already impaired nerves
  • Extremely hot or cold beverages and foods to safeguard the sensitive tissue under the cracked wisdom.

Treatment for broken wisdom tooth

Treatment intervention for cracked wisdom tooth can go a long way to improve your oral health as well as general health and well-being. Depending on the extent of the damage, a physician or dentist will prescribe several treatments to fix wisdom tooth rotting and breaking. People with minor or chipped wisdom tooth may be asked to undergo polishing and repair as part of treatment. The polishing is usually done to soften the edges of the chipped wisdom tooth. Patients with a deep hole in wisdom tooth will require more specialized medical attention.

If the tooth is cracked down to the core, filling may be recommended. The dentist may also route for a root canal treatment if the nerve tissue is impacted. Root canal treatment entails removal of the pulp and cleaning of the tooth and roots before filling and tooth build up. The treatment aims to secure the damaged tooth and restore the patient’s oral health. A surgical intervention may be deemed necessary when dealing with extremely broken tooth. An oral surgeon can be called to deal with a wisdom tooth problem that is affecting the jawbone.

Oral surgeons also have the necessary supplies to deal with excruciating tooth pain and emergencies. Patients with decayed or rotten wisdom tooth may be requested to undergo tooth extraction. Before the tooth is extracted, the dentist will first analyze the tooth to ascertain the extent of the damage. A local anesthetic or sedative is normally applied before the extraction is done. Patients who’ve had their broken wisdom tooth removed may take a few weeks to recover. To limit pain and hasten the recovery process and, patients are required to take precautionary measure directed by the dentist. The dentist will schedule several checkups.

Untreated wisdom tooth

Patients with untreated wisdom tooth may face a number of health problems, including tooth decay, submandibular space infection and gum disease. The buildup of plaque on the wisdom teeth is usually necessitated by poor oral care. The inaccessibility of the location makes it easy for food particles and plaque to build up over time. Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole can be more problematic when the cracks are big. Treatment for plaque includes tooth removal, crown placement and a root canal therapy. Gum disease usually develops due to bacteria induced, plaque build-up.

If left untreated the bacteria can damage to the surrounding tooth and the jawbone. The infections surrounding the wisdom tooth can also spill over and cause life threatening conditions like Ludwig’s angina or submandibular space infection. Patients suffering from the condition often experience pain, airway obstruction, difficulty swallowing and even death. The dentist may suggest a treatment regimen that includes draining of the abscess, airway maintenance and use of antibiotics, among other medications. The following tips will help you prevent broken wisdom teeth

  • If you grind your teeth while sleeping, use a well-fitting night guard recommended by the dentist
  • Avoid chewing or biting into very hard foods like hard candy, meat jerky, celery and nuts. Celery should also be avoided because the food stuck in wisdom tooth hole can cause pain and discomfort.
  • Avoid doing anything that can cause facial and mouth trauma

Making a dental appointment

If you are experiencing problems with your wisdom tooth such as wisdom tooth rotting and breaking, do not wait for things to get out of hand. The best thing to do is get in touch with a dentist who will examine the tooth and recommend appropriate intervention. For instance, the dentist may order an x-ray to find out if the wisdom tooth is impacted. Cracked tooth often causes pain and swelling. The condition can also lead to more serious infection if left untreated.

As a precautionary measure, patients are encouraged to undergo regular checkups for proper monitoring and care. During the appointment, the dentist will also discuss the payment plan and provide an estimate of the entire treatment cost. Patients with dental insurance can seek affordable treatment by visiting the practitioners under their care plans. At Holisticsmilecare, we offer comprehensive dental care and treatment for people of all ages.

Our advanced oral health treatment procedures are designed to reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and loss of teeth. The treatments include: braces, teeth whitening, oral cancer examination, gum surgery, root canals, crowns and caps, filings and repairs and extractions. If you need a dental checkup or treatment, simply book an appointment through our website or call the dental office to speak with our experienced team of dental professionals.