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Do I still need a root canal if I don’t have pain, why my doctor is asking me I need root canal?

Do I still need a root canal if I don’t have pain, why my doctor is asking me I need root canal?

Root canals might be one of the least pleasant medical experiences you can undergo in your life. The sad part is that by the time you need to get a Hollywood root canal, you have already passed the point of salvaging the tooth’s life. This is because it has already been badly infected and is dying at this point.

In essence, you are just mummifying a dying/dead tooth. Why in the world would anyone in his or her right mind do this? The simple answer is that you would like to keep the tooth in its slot in your mouth. So you make a mummy out of your tooth and you can continue to use it for chewing and speaking properly.

Could you simply have the tooth pulled? Surely you could, but this would create yet another problem. Next you would need to replace the pulled tooth with an artificial implant that fills in the hole that would otherwise remain in your jawline. The most current school of thought in dentistry is that it makes sense to lose the tooth and the implant straight away.

Not all dentists feel this way though. There are plenty of dentists who will push you to have the Hollywood root canal done. When you look up root canal specialist near me, you will find plenty of dentists eager to do the involved procedure who will insist that you must save your original tooth, dead or not. In truth it is easier to just stay with the original tooth. You can still use it just the same even when it is dead.

Next Step In the Los Angeles Root Canal Root Canal Process

Getting the west Hollywood root canal performed will leave the tooth in question more brittle and likely to break. This makes sense as the tooth’s inside have been gutted. it means that only the outer shell of the tooth remains.

Because of these facts, the dreaded root canal involves a second follow-up procedure to be done soon afterward. This will involve having a crown put on the dead tooth. The particular tooth requires protection since all tissue has been removed from the insides. The crown is that ample protection in the form of a rigid cover that proves to be more enduring and potent that the original enamel which is supposed to stop a tooth from fracturing.

There are pros and cons to having this West Hollywood root canal procedure done. The pros include the following:
• No tooth extraction required
• No bone loss surrounding the tooth
• You keep your original tooth

Naturally there is also a con involved with it that gives patients pause for thought. This is that having the root canal done involves multiple hours in the dentist chair with your mouth open the entire time. Imagine the trauma of having a filling stretched out into three to four hours though. Many patients find this prospect grim and daunting, and rightfully so.

As the procedure gets underway though, your dentist will first take away from the tooth all infected pulp and inflamed material. He will also carefully clean out and reshape the tooth’s interior space. Finally he will fill the tooth itself and seal up the entire space to prevent any potential future infection.

Following this grueling multi-hour ordeal, you will be coming back for a second procedure to receive a crown for the tooth as protection. This will allow you to utilize it once again for chewing.

But Do You Really Need That Los Angeles Root Canal Done?

Determining if you should really have a Hollywood root canal done or not is not a scientific process. Instead it is more of an art form to determine the extent to which the pulp in the tooth is diseased. This is why it needs a highly experienced dentist to ascertain if you really need to have a west Hollywood root canal. Pushy dentists who force and rush the procedure can make the wrong call on your tooth.

To learn if your tooth truly needs a Hollywood root canal or not your dentist will try to check the inside tooth’s pulp for decay and death. He might discover that with proper treatment, the pulp will recover.

Factors Your Dentist Will Utilize To Decide on the Los Angeles Root Canal

There are a number of factors that your dentist will consider in this weighty decision. If you suffer from pain, in particular lingering pain, then you might need it. Lingering pain exists when you drink cold or hot liquids and the pain lasts a long time. This is opposed to non-lingering pain that simply passes quickly. When the pain goes away soon, then your tooth pulp could likely have sufficient life within it to make a full recovery possibly.

When your tooth hurts after drinking a glass of cold water an hour later, then you are suffering from lingering pulpitis, or infection of your tooth’s pulp. It would mean that your tooth and its accompanying nerve are probably dead (or at least past saving) already.

Positional pain is another indicator for needing the Los Angeles root canal done. If your pain becomes more severe when you quickly stand up or lie down (or run standing in place), then this is usually the warning signs for an abscess. It means that the tooth is usually gone. Spontaneous pain is another type. It hits you when you are not doing anything. This indicates a dead tooth more often than not.

Fistula on the gum is another indicator your dentist will watch out for when he checks your tooth. These are tiny yellow, white, or red pimply like sores that appear on your gum near the tooth. This alerts the dentist to an infection within as there are blood, pus, and infections trying to escape.

You might have an abscess. These show up clearly on x-rays. They are basically holes in the jawbone that reveal a place where the bone is refusing to grow. Bones do not grow around tooth infections that generally sprint from the root’s tip.

There could also be a sympathetic pain that dentists call referred pain. If you suffer from agony not just in the tooth in question, but also somewhere else in your organism such as your ear, jaw, or surrounding teeth, then this is highly indicative of an abscess.

From these indicators you can see that your dentist could decide that even though your pain has gone away (at least for the moment) you still need to have the Los Angeles root canal procedure done. These issues become ticking time bombs in a hurry. The infection deep within the tooth will one day explode, causing severe swelling, pressure, and pain.

They can cause your mouth to numb up or bleed. Worse still, avoiding the Hollywood root canal can cause the infection within the tooth to spread through your body to more sensitive areas such as your heart. It helps to explain why centuries ago, individuals could suddenly keel over and die as a result of a tooth infection. This is why you need to get a second opinion on your root canal if you do not feel it is a legitimate recommendation. You can get this by calling us for a free dental consultation and second opinion.

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