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Dental Implants or Dental Bridges, Which is Right for You?

Dental Implants or Dental Bridges, Which is Right for You?

When tooth loss has you down, what you want is solutions that works. The good news is that replacement solutions are better and more affordable than ever, whether you choose custom dental bridges in West Hollywood or the best implant dentist Los Angeles residents have available. Your first decision after finding a provider for dental implants in Los Angeles is learning if this is the right option for your situation. The good news is that West Hollywood Holistic Cosmetic Oral Care has the best implant dentist in Los Angeles on staff, and you can find out more about dental implants benefits from us free of charge.

West Hollywood Dental Implants Benefits

While our implants and dental bridges in West Hollywood serve the same purpose, dental implants benefits outweigh those of bridges in some respects. Both stop bone loss, fill the space left by a lost tooth, and prevent further deterioration, but that’s where the similarities end. With an implant, each new tooth is individually created and implanted directly into your jaw bone. That provides an appearance and feel that’s as close to your natural tooth as possible. However, the best implant dentist in Los Angeles will tell you that dental implants benefits don’t end there. They are a 21st-century, durable solution that provides long-term care.

Benefits of Our Dental Bridges in West Hollywood

Bridges may be more cost-effective and require fewer visits if you have more than one tooth missing. This is a better option for those with advanced gum disease or severe bone loss and tooth instability. Our dental bridges West Hollywood technicians create one or more teeth that are fixed to a base and attached to neighboring teeth. In most cases, this can be done in two visits: one for the initial exam and one for the placement. These are non-removable and more permanent than old-fashioned dentures, and they look more natural.

What Makes Someone a Candidate for Dental Implants?

The first factor we use to determine suitability for dental implants in Los Angeles is the number and location of the missing teeth. The second is the degree of bone loss; even the best implant dentist Los Angeles has to offer needs a foundation to work from. If the tooth was knocked out and there isn’t a lot of soft tissue damage or the bone loss is minimal, you may be able to get dental implants in our Los Angeles office the same day as your appointment. More advanced bone deterioration can be fixed with a bone graft, which requires more visits, or we can suggest getting dental bridges from our West Hollywood lab.

Where Can I Find Dental Implants in Los Angeles?

The best implant dentist in Los Angeles is right here at West Hollywood Holistic Cosmetic Dental Care. Besides being the place to go for dental implants in Los Angeles, we also happen to be a trusted provider for custom-made dental bridges in West Hollywood. Contact us to set up a consultation to find out more about bridges and dental implants benefits, and learn which is the best choice for you. We can see you the same day.

Wondering how to find the best dentist implant specialist in Los Angeles, CA? Call us today and make a free dental consultation.

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