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Everything You Need to Know about Full Mouth Dental Implants in LA

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Everything You Need to Know about Full Mouth Dental Implants in LA

Full mouth dental implants in Los Angeles, CA are available for everyone, whether they’re for cosmetic reasons, medical reasons, or both! If you’re looking for a top dentist in West Hollywood to get a full mouth dental implant, you’re in the right place! This article will go over what they are, what the benefits are, and who to call for full mouth dental implants in LA!

Dental implants are considered the gold standard in faulty tooth replacement. While they can be pricey, they are often superior to dentures and bridges. Unlike similar treatments, dental implants are permanent. They function just like the rest of your teeth. Regardless of whether you have recently lost a tooth or have particular teeth that have always given you problems, a dental implant can give that tooth a fresh start! A full mouth dental implant is simply doing this process anywhere in your mouth where there is a problem. It requires a full case overview, since the process may differ depending on the reason for the implants. For example, if a sports injury has dislodged a tooth, the procedure may be different than it is for someone with a rotting tooth. A qualified dentist in Los Angeles, CA, would need to examine the affected teeth and make a treatment plan.

While dental implants may not be for everyone, there are distinct advantages to having a full mouth dental implant. One of the biggest benefits is daily convenience. Alternatives like dentures require daily maintenance and washing. A full mouth dental implant in Los Angeles, CA, will allow you to go back to life as normal. Of course, you will need to have a few followup appointments and smaller procedures first. However, once the treatment is done, you can just go back to following good dental hygiene and not have to worry about it. Full mouth dental implants also usually make it easier to eat. Because they are specially formed to fit in your mouth perfectly, eating feels much more natural than it would with dentures.

The benefits don’t all just fall under the social and cosmetic categories. A full mouth dental implant can even help you have better bones. This is because dental implants fix the problem at its core. Dentures are similar to placing a band-aid on an injury. They cover up the problem and allow the patient to continue on, but they don’t fix the deteriorating bone underneath problem teeth. This may evolve into an even more serious medical condition and end up costing a patient using dentures much more money and time than they anticipated.

They are also the most customizable solution on the market. You can have a whole line of natural-looking teeth installed if a row of your teeth got knocked out. You could also have just a few teeth replaced if only a few have been affected. The possibilities are endless. If you’re considering getting a full mouth dental implant in Los Angeles, CA, please call our West Hollywood office immediately for a free consultation! We can help guide you through the process and come up with a detailed treatment plan, giving you piece of mind and brand new teeth!